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9:56 AM yesterday Kelly L commented on Kshama Sawant Shows Up at the DNC to Tell Bernie Sanders Supporters to Vote for Jill Stein.
I certainly don't care about the e-mails. I don't care about what socialists have to say about Hillary either.

In the end politics are about parties. What does the GOP represent vs. what the Democratic Party represents. For over half a century the GOP has embraced bigotry as a means to power, and middle class white Americans have rewarded that party for their efforts. As the country has become more aware of racism, the GOP drove their bigotry underground with dog whistle campaign slogans, until decades later Donald Trump came upon the scene and outright appealed to the inherent racism in the party.

Meanwhile, for nearly 3 full decades the GOP has waged a campaign of hate and lies against the Democratic Party by way of the Clintons. "Scandal" after so-called "scandal" have all amounted to zilch. No crimes, no indictments.

What is the nature of these new e-mails? The Democratic Party was figuring out how best to promote Democratic Candidates during the National Election?? Oh my... how horrible. A socialist? An atheist? How will the Democratic Party respond? By promoting the candidate they felt would succeed in November! How shocking.
Jul 19 Kelly L commented on Will You Stop Being Mean to Log Cabin Republicans? (Spoiler: No, I Will Not.).
Thank you Dan, what you wrote was more reasonable and kind than anything I could add. Neither the GOP nor their enablers deserve kindness, but kindness is the best response.
Jun 29 Kelly L commented on Emails From Reasonable Bernie Supporters Pour Into My Inbox.
Whore. Yup tell me again how Bernie supporters are respectful.
Jun 22 Kelly L commented on A California Woman Is Accusing Donald Trump of Raping Her When She Was 13 Years Old.
In a story about a minor girl alleging rape against a Presidential candidate, for the majority of the comments to be about a 3rd party (President Clinton 42), seems to be a major politicization of the victim.

I reserve judgement as to who the victim is in this story. The girl was either raped making her the victim, or the story is false making Mr. Trump the victim of false allegations. Just because the LA Court dismissed the case doesn't make the allegations false, nor will a decision in her favor necessarily make the allegations true.

It's a shame that partisan political hacks that slither throughout the blogosphere are more concerned with scoring political points against "the other side" than with the welfare of minors.
May 24 Kelly L commented on Hillary Says Hell No to Yet Another Debate with Bernie.
What little respect I had remaining for Sen. Sanders completely evaporated with his coopting Faux News for political gain. To then attack Sen. Clinton for refusing to participate on a network that has never once given her a fair representation is beyond the pale. Shame on Sen. Sanders and any of his supporters that use Faux News in this manner.
May 9 Kelly L commented on The Most Interesting Thing About Hillary's Speech Transcripts.
All this nefarious speculation. Here's some speculation.

Hillary has the transcripts - Who cares what's in them. She could literally have had the entire set of speeches written out, placed on her podium, and read verbatim from the written version.

Now for the speculation: "It's a lie, she needs to prove that's what she said"

Bernie Bots, Trump Trolls, Republithugs - all of them will say exactly that when the transcripts are released. Without an actual recording (and Romney proved how dumb that would be) - She will be accused of fabricating the transcripts. Why? Because that's what a-holes do, they accuse without foundation and know that dumb ass Americans' will believe their lies.
Jan 25 Kelly L commented on ICYMI: The State Rep Behind the Transgender Bathroom Bill Faces Questions About His Military Record.
Can't remember where he was wounded, or which units he deployed with.

This is a red flag for "Stolen Valor" - This man needs to be impeached.
Dec 10, 2015 Kelly L commented on The Morning News: A Weather-Related State of Emergency and a "Tipping Point" for the American Middle Class.
If Prosecutors can legally try 8 year olds as "adults" then 16 year olds certainly should be able to vote.

On a similar note, It would be better for us all if the drinking age were 16 and the driving age was 21.