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Apr 7 Kelly L commented on Gorsuch Confirmed.
@2 Fuck you. I hope you die. Soon. So I can dance and piss on your worthless grave. Sincerely - the world.
Mar 29 Kelly L commented on Maxine Waters and April Ryan Shouldn't Have to Put Up with Rude and Racist Remarks from Conservative Douchebags.
@4,5,6,7 - so you don't agree that Spicer was Racist, and would like to turn the discussion into a defense of Spicer. No.

@ America. O'Really made his comment because he knew it would be effective. He didn't make the comment to degrade the Congresswoman, he made the comment to distract us from her words. I've seen too much discussion on O'HeDidn'tReally say that instead of the context of her speech.

Was any of this racist? Misogynistic? That's up to you. What isn't in question is that it was a "Straw-man" argument. Conservatives have no effective argument against progressives, so they continually attack us. It continues to work. They won't stop until WE learn to ignore their boorish bullshit and stick to the facts. Their policies are bad for America and bad for humanity. Future generations will loath America because we KNEW better and kept allowing the GOP to screw our children and grandchildren anyway.
Feb 28 Kelly L commented on All Washington State Republicans Voted Against Requesting Trump's Tax Returns.
Why is it that public servants think that we should trust them when they keep their personal finances secret from the public? The appearance of a conflict of interest should be enough for a public servant to step away from that appearance.

Obviously Trump has something to hide. Use your imagination, I'm sure whatever he is hiding is much worse than anything we can imagine.
Jan 30 Kelly L commented on Starbucks CEO Offers Jobs to Refugees, Earns Boycott Fire from Trump Supporters.
As a Veteran, I consider myself over qualified for Starbucks. To compare Veterans to refugees is very insulting.
Jan 25 Kelly L commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: She's Wonderful! She's Perfect! (But I'd Like Bigger Boobs...).
I don't know her, but she deserves better than this shallow creep.
Jan 17 Kelly L commented on Megyn Kelly, Donald Trump, and Angry Men Who Don't Understand Journalism.
How many times have I heard conservatives whine about Donna Brazile "giving questions to Hillary" - which was complete and utter bullshit...

During this time Megyn kept her whiny ass shut. Not once did she point out that Fox News gave the Tangerine Tyrant questions. Not once did she inform her audience that Trump was bribing so-called "journalists"

No Megyn is a disgrace to the free press, and worse as a lawyer she knew exactly what she was doing.

Combine this with Comey and his cabal at the FBI collaborating with Trump to throw the election and there will never be a time that Trump will be considered "legitimate"
Jan 13 Kelly L commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Red Hat Leads to Assault.
Jan 13 Kelly L commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Red Hat Leads to Assault.
@22 - yeah, thanks for the 8 years of respect shown to us. Thanks for stealing our SCOTUS position. Go fuck yourself.
Jan 13 Kelly L commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Red Hat Leads to Assault.
@21 - You are a Nazi apologist.
Jan 13 Kelly L commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Red Hat Leads to Assault.
I not only approve of their action, I thoroughly endorse it.

However, it's a shame they weren't 2nd amendment fans.