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Survivor of the AIDS holocaust of the 1980's Witness to the callous disregard of human… more »

in the past hour Kelly L commented on European Commission Orders Apple to Pay $14.5 Billion in Taxes.
"Apple is appealing the decision"

Funny, I find the decision very appealing. Too bad the GOP blocks America from collecting corporate taxes owed to us. Too bad about our infrastructure falling apart do to lack of resources...
Aug 19 Kelly L commented on I, Anonymous.
@8 You're an idiot. Birth control is a lot cheaper than an abortion, and both are cheaper than raising a child to adulthood.

However, that's not the main reason you're an idiot. It is because you assume she isn't capable of being responsible for her actions. In retrospect "idiot" is the wrong word, misogynistic a-hole is more appropriate.
Aug 18 Kelly L commented on Cult Classic Fantastic Planet Has Its Own Vibe.
I recommend this flick. An altered mindset helps.
Aug 16 Kelly L commented on The Atlantic Digs Deeper into Portland Gentrification.
Portland's racism...

Of course the entire city is made up of nothing but racists. Great way to describe a community.
Aug 16 Kelly L commented on Watch The Stranger Race a Leather Daddy on a Solowheel.
What a novel way to hit on a leather daddy. You go stranger twink.
Aug 11 Kelly L commented on Dan Savage to Daily Beast: Take Down Your Creepy Olympic Grindr “Exposé”.
So easy to write the "Click Bait link"

Click here to kill a gay athlete.
Aug 9 Kelly L commented on Republican Senator Susan Collins Won't Support Trump—and Neither Will 50 Republican National Security Experts.
Sen Collins, you cannot divorce yourself from the people in your party that have nominated this "unacceptable" candidate.

You have failed as a leader. Your leadership have led your party to nominate this person. Own your mistakes.
Aug 3 Kelly L commented on It Would Be Helpful If Hillary Clinton Stopped Lying.
@ 1 Nice Dog Whistle comment. We know you mean nigger when you say thug.
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