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May 6, 2013 PhilipTheSnowman commented on Don't Watch this Video of Well Regulated Militia Being Shot to Death by the Police.
From the original article: "Shocking and SOMEWHAT disturbing dash-cam video" (emphasis mine).

Feb 27, 2013 PhilipTheSnowman commented on KCGOP's Annual Lincoln Day Dinner Promises to Be Most Diverse Ever!.
When at the Republican Caucus last year, I did an extremely scientific "how many non-white people are in this room" count. I think I got to six, but there was one fellow whom I think I may have counted twice.

It was a very full gymnasium, by the way.
Nov 21, 2012 PhilipTheSnowman commented on This Book Vending Machine Is the Best Thing on the Internet This Week.
I've always been confused by the vending machine in the Center House,* which includes paperbacks as well as a variety of other non-snack food items. Apparently this is how you do it right!

*Not sure if it made the transition to the "Armory," or whatever it's called now. I hope so.
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