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May 8, 2014 wellokaythen commented on HGTV Cancels Reality Show After Twin Stars Anti-Gay Activism and Rabid Homophobia Exposed.
It's not censorship. Homophobes have the freedom to create their own shows and even their own channels if they want to. Besides, if social conservatives don't like to be associated with gay people, then what the hell are they doing on cable TV in the first place? Watch out, homophobes, some of the gay may leak out of the Bravo network and taint the 700 Club....
Apr 16, 2014 wellokaythen commented on Louisiana Lawmakers Vote to Keep Blowjobs Illegal.
You know at some point this law will require some judge or committee to decide what the boundaries of "oral" or "anal" sex actually are. Ejaculating on the chin -- is that oral sex? A penis rubbing along the butt crack -- is that anal sex? Maybe some sort of pro-rated punishment relative to the proximity of tongue to other parts.

I suspect it's really just a dom/sub ploy to make oral or anal feel more naughty. Good for Louisianans who are into the stern cop/guilty criminal play.
Feb 28, 2014 wellokaythen commented on SL Letter of the Day: Unhappy Valentines Day.
Based on LR’s own description, it sounds like the problems in his marriage are BOTH their faults. (I’m not saying it's a 50/50 split, though!) He and his wife have set up a bad dymanic. It’s not just her emotionally bulldozing him all the time. He has habits that set himself up for failure as well. I think UAR has a point about how he’s done some of the sabotaging himself. Not consciously, just not communicating well or taking responsibility for his own needs. No one can “neediness” you into silence without your consent.

His role in their marital problems might be even more evident if we heard his wife's point of view.
Feb 28, 2014 wellokaythen commented on SL Letter of the Day: What a Kackass.
Reminds me of the woman who killed the NFL player Steve McNair. She knew he was married, had an affair with him, thought nothing of his wife, but then got insanely jealous when she discovered he might have ANOTHER girlfriend on the side. That was intolerable to her, so she shot him. This LW sounds cut-your-dick-off crazy.
Feb 28, 2014 wellokaythen commented on Imploring Bi People to Come Out is Biphobic.
Sort of a philosphical question at the heart of this:

What's the difference between a half-truth and a lie?
If I'm bi and everyone thinks I'm straight, that's sort of a half-truth. If I'm gay and everyone thinks I'm straight, that's living a lie.

Some people would say it's the same situation, but I'm not so sure.
Feb 28, 2014 wellokaythen commented on SL Letter of the Day: Haters Gonna Hate.
How solid can "traditional values" really be if it's so damn easy to "import homosexual values"?

If the supposedly natural, universal, eternal, godly monogamous heterosexual marriage is such a bedrock thing, why are these nutjobs acting like it's so fragile? Don't they believe in it?

This is the challenge of hate propaganda -- hard to warn people about the seductiveness of something evil without making it sound really cool.

They're basically implying that gays have more fun, are more adventurous, and get to make sex a bigger part of their lives that straight people do. Must be why the "gay agenda" is so popular. : - )

It's really sad that these bigots can't just come out of the closet and embrace their true sexual selves. Talk about compensating.....
Feb 28, 2014 wellokaythen commented on A Baker Refused to Make Your Wedding Cake?.
One way the African American civil rights movement made social change was by forcing businesses to choose between their bigotry and their pocketbook. That's what the lunch counter sit-ins were about -- economic leverage. That's what the bus boycotts were about -- forcing people to choose between unfairness and making money. Ultimately, gay people's money is just as green as anyone else's.

Seems like if these bakers are think they're so good at keeping secrets from the public then they should be able to secretly bake cakes for gay weddings, too.

I'm just an unrepentant capitalist -- why would I refuse money from people who want to pay me and who will recommend me to their friends? If I had a chance to be "the baker all the gay weddings use," I'd jump on it. Cha-Ching!!
May 9, 2013 wellokaythen commented on It's Clitoris Awareness Week—Were You Aware of That?.
Great, but what happens when an "awareness week" comes to an end? After 7 days, people just go back to ignoring it again?

Reminds me of that year in the 1990's (1998 I think?) that was proclaimed "The Year of the Woman." That's sweet that they get a whole year. Then, at December 31st at midnight, it's "stop yer bitchin', we gave you a whole year."

And, I'm hopping mad that no one told me about "National Masturbation Month." I've never been much of a joiner, but I could get behind that....
May 9, 2013 wellokaythen commented on Guns Across America.
The article totally misses a completely obvious question -- is there a correlation to a change in gun ownership over those past 20 years? One possible explanation is a drop in the percentage of people who own guns, which is something that the "per capita" figures don't take into account. Maybe the drop in gun crime is because of a drop in gun ownership?

Seriously, an end to leaded gasoline is the LA Times' big theory? How about the fact that one in three Anerican households has a gun instead of one in two, which is what it used to be. Per capita gun ownership is high and not much changed, but it's differently distributed now -- the vast majority don't own guns, but if you do own a gun, you own an average of three. Gun manufacturers are already marketing more and more to people who already own them.

Still, this is a great article when it comes to showing how awfully skewed Americans' perception can be about guns and crime. Crime across the board has been going down for the past 40 years, but you'd never know it.
May 9, 2013 wellokaythen commented on SL Letter of the Day: Bonus Advice for Too Soon To Quit.
@19 and @20

I think the goose/gander test is interesting. If the genders were reversed, a lot of people would just say that a woman in his position was a "homemaker" but just not very good at it. And, after hall, housework is pure drudgery, and our society's standards of housework are terribly oppressive to homemakers, yadda yadda, so we would all cut her some slack.

Let's toss out all those outmoded gender roles except for that whole "man earns paycheck" part of it?

None of this gender analysis really helps the LW, of course....