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Sep 29 Eckstein commented on Watch the President of Planned Parenthood Hand an Anti-Choice Congressman His Ass.
I watched a big chunk of this ridiculous charade. Whenever one of then would be out-facted by her or her lawyers, they would literally just cut her off mid-sentence and go on an unrelated rant until their time ran out. The whole thing was really hard to stomach.
Sep 24 Eckstein commented on Four Dead, 12 Critically Injured in Collision Beteween Bus and Ride the Ducks Vehicle on Aurora Bridge.
I also think the Aurora bridge is a deathtrap. When living in Wallingford, I would commute on it everyday, and even in my tiny little Car2Go, the lanes felt far too small. And add in some rain and wind, and you've got a very dangerous situation. Fuck traffic flow, make it safer.
Sep 18 Eckstein commented on An Old Driver Hit a Pedestrian at a Belltown Crosswalk.
Yeah, but there are WAY more cars than airplanes, and when 1 car crashes, it doesn't usually kill 100 people. Stupid comparison. Also, self-driving cars will be here sooner than later, and old people can just sit in their Google pods and drool their way to the grocery store or the hospital or whatever.
Sep 6 Eckstein commented on Q&A With the Person Behind the Brilliant @KimDavis917 Account on Twitter.
Damn, Hillary supporter. Jump on the Bern-wagon, dude!
Aug 28 Eckstein commented on Why the Restaurant Industry Hates Postmates.
More whining from the restaurant industry...
Aug 25 Eckstein commented on Tunnel Update: Bertha's Front End Is Going Back in the Ground Today and Tomorrow.
Nice to see The Stranger reporting news on this subject instead of just ranting about their opposition to it. Excited to see her started up again.
Aug 22 Eckstein commented on Guest Editorial: Nine Ways to Be a White Ally in the Fight Against Institutional and Structural Racism.
It's much easier to NOT do any of these things, which is why it will never happen, sorry.
Aug 18 Eckstein commented on I, Anonymous.
I knew this comment section would be entertaining!
Aug 6 Eckstein commented on Behind-Schedule Bertha to Reenter Pit Two Weeks Late.
I'm confused about your never-ending bitch fest on this topic, Stranger. Would you rather them rush the repair job so that the machine breaks down again or would you rather them fix it correctly so it has a higher chance of succeeding? Why does two weeks behind schedule matter when we're already 2 years behind schedule? I mean, if you completely oppose the tunnel plan outright (not just Bertha) go ahead and write about that instead of endlessly bitching about an obviously full-hearted effort to get this thing moving again.
Jul 29 Eckstein commented on Two Months After Eliminating Tips and Raising Wages, Renee Erickson Increases Service Charge to 20 Percent.
@4 EXACTLY. If you're going to make the guest pay for it anyway, just increase your prices! I will never understand why this hasn't happened yet. People in Seattle barely look at the price of what they're buying. If they did, Starbucks would be out of business.

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