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Dec 22 Eckstein commented on Why Does the Mayor Want to Put Your Weed Delivery Guy Out of Business?.
This is absolutely ridiculous.
Dec 17 Eckstein commented on State Says Crews Can Start Digging for Bertha Again.
At least this article wasn't completely laden with bias and self-important proclamations. Not the whole thing anyway. Can't wait until the tunnel is done so everyone will shut up about it.
Dec 13 Eckstein commented on Seattle Police Chief Says Holding a #BlackLivesMatter Sign Would Be Taking a Political Position.
I'm getting tired of attacks on allies. "All LIves Matter" is not a racist response to "Black Lives Matter". If everyone really wants to focus on the issue at hand, then do that and stop attacking the very people who agree with you.
Dec 12 Eckstein commented on Guest Editorial: We Need to Stop Trying to Rescue This Tunnel Project and Consider Our Options.
I feel like I'm the only one who knew this was going to be a clusterfuck but still support it. It's a huge project, of course it will be hard. If you do some research on when they built the freeway back in the 60s, you'll find some very pissed off people during that process, but it got done, for better or worse, and despite the "Seattle Process".
Dec 11 Eckstein commented on What the State and City Are Saying About That Big Crack Near Pioneer Square.
Oh my God, there's cracks in the streets of Seattle??? Shut everything down! The end of the world has come! Some random person said that the cracks look different? Oh man, stellar choice of opinions there.

And for those people saying they love the viaduct.... what the hell is wrong with you? It's a decrepit, dangerous freeway with tons of traffic on it all the time. Why do you want to keep that? The earthquake comes and your lovely little elevated road kills dozens. Sounds good.
Dec 11 Eckstein commented on City to Crack Down on Pot-Delivery Services and Consider New Rules for Dispensaries.
Well, if this happens, there goes pretty much the entire industry. People don't buy at the legal rec shops because they're stupid expensive! No one will pay $20 a gram for anything but the novelty. So if their goal is to reinvigorate the black market... good job!
Dec 6 Eckstein commented on Trouble at the Ferris Wheel.
@9, yeah because I totally said it was fine for them to be detained. NEITHER thing is OK. They should have just caught them and kicked them off as fast as possible.
Dec 5 Eckstein commented on Trouble at the Ferris Wheel.
I'm glad a lot of these commenters thing it's ok to fuck and do drugs in the same tiny space where children and families go all the time. Good job, Sloggers.
Oct 25 Eckstein commented on Vote "NO" on Initiative 591, Because It Aims to Keep the Gun Show Loophole Wide Open.
@1: It would be very WA if that happen.
Oct 22 Eckstein commented on We Went Down to the Bertha Rescue Hole and Asked Eight People What They Make of the Tunnel Delays.
Oh look, The Stranger found bunch of people they agree with and quoted them about their stupid opinion on the tunnel! Poor hot dog stand lady. Poor Vashon guy that sees lots of water. Poor lady with a fear of tunnels.
The tunnel will happen, the viaduct will come down. When? At some point. This argument against the tunnel reminds me of Republicans railing against the ACA. There's no turning back now guys, sorry.

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