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Apr 26, 2011 Reformed Idiot joined My Stranger Face
Apr 26, 2011 Reformed Idiot commented on How to Defeat a Pit Bull with Your Bare Hands.
I should have read this last week. At that time I was amoung the idiot brigade that thinks these animals are only aggresive if they are trained to be. Well I am living proof that the friendly pitbull that I have petted on many occasions can decide he is in the mood to put someone in their place. I was that person. I am a 5'11 240 pound former wrestler, boxer, Marine, and Rugby Player, and dog LOVER, who thought he would play the "dog wisperer" on the nieghbors pit bull. I guess it was my fault, I actually bent over to pick something up off of the ground. Pit bull was secured by collar and cable and was approximately 30 to 40 yards away. Picking a twig up of your lawn apparently is a pit bull trigger because he was on me in no time. This pit was raised as a puppy by my neigbor and on many occasions found his way in my yard with nothing more than a tail wag and a pat on the head, scratch of the belly. Well Saturday at 3:30 pm in my yard was not the same fucking game plan because that monster attacked me with such ferociousness that I wound up in the hospital and I faught back as hard and as best I could for the better part of a minute. To the boxers out there you know a minute seems like an eternity when your ass is getting thumped. It reminded me of the crazy dogs in the movie "I am legend". Luckily the neighbor heard the commotion and came out and pulled the bi-polar pit bull away. I did pretty good though, I just walked away with three stiches. I honestly beleive that If the neighbor did not come to the rescue, I would be dead. These dogs should be muzzelled at all times. Moral of the story, Will Smith should have brought a pit bull to the I am legend Party!