Yeah, it's a copy of that.

9:21 PM yesterday omniart commented on Headline of the Day: "Nude Beach Blow Job Jet Ski Fight Leads to Wife’s Death".
Wow. The amazing thing is that the headline could have been longer: "Nude Beach Gay Lover Blow Job Drunk Jet Ski Fight Leads to Wife's Death."
May 27 omniart commented on Steve Ballmer Reportedly Met With Shelly Sterling Over the Weekend to Discuss the Clippers.
"How many professional basketball teams does California need?"

Let's see ... California has four NBA teams (Lakers, Clippers, Kings, and Warriors) while the Pacific Northwest has one (Trailblazers). The estimated 2013 population of California is 37,332,521 while the estimated population of Washington + Oregon is 10,901,471. That works out to a population ratio of 1:3.5 or 2:7.

Thus California should get three more teams and Seattle should get one.
Feb 27 omniart commented on "The Glass Over the Salad Bar Seems to Keep the Foods Protected.".
No, Paul. No, no, no, no, no.

These reviews are incredibly sad. All I can ever think about when I read them is how cramped the poor lady's world has been that a trip to a chain restaurant is worthy of praise. Children are innocent, but grown adults are tragically ignorant.

And if this is "folk reviewing," then it's folk reviewing that has been immediately co-opted by businesses. She is supplying their marketing departments with a bit of folk authenticity. Makes me wretch.
Feb 15 omniart commented on The Saturday Morning News.
RE: The 800-Pound Snowball

"'It was not the talk of campus until the story came out,' Myers said. 'The people that were there knew about it, but now it has kind of taken us by storm.'"

It's as if the story has gained an audience so rapidly that its size and momentum now surpass anyone's ability to restrain it. If only there was a metaphor for this type of situation....
Dec 6, 2013 omniart commented on While Reading a Book on the Bus.
I recall reading on some blog or other that the popularity of ebooks and "Fifty Shades of Gray" might very well be linked: while the physical book might be embarrassing to read in public, the ebook version is anonymous.
Oct 30, 2013 omniart commented on Press Release of the Day.
@5: yes! Thank you for that comment.
Oct 19, 2013 omniart commented on The Saturday Morning News.
TERRORIST: And remember, this wireless transmitter is pointed right at your heart.
CHENEY: That is my least vulnerable spot.
Jul 6, 2013 omniart commented on The Saturday Morning News.
David Brooks's column is more interesting if you substitute the Republican Party for the Muslim Brotherhood and Christianity for Islam. Example: "Those who emphasize substance, on the other hand, argue that members of the Republican party are defined by certain beliefs. They reject pluralism, secular democracy and, to some degree, modernity. When you elect fanatics, they continue, you have not advanced democracy. You have empowered people who are going to wind up subverting democracy. The important thing is to get people like that out of power, even if it takes a coup. The goal is to weaken political Christianity, by nearly any means."

Or: "Chrisitianists might be determined enough to run effective opposition movements and committed enough to provide street-level social services. But they lack the mental equipment to govern. Once in office, they are always going to centralize power and undermine the democracy that elevated them."

Obviously, Republicans lack the "basic mental ingredients" to govern. We need to usurp our democratically elected Repulican congressmen for the good of the country.
Mar 14, 2013 omniart commented on Which Is The Best Star Trek Series?.
DS9 is the best Star Trek series for people who don't like Star Trek. Screw a peaceful vision of humanity, let's have War! Moral compromise! It must be better because it's darker. TNG had the Enterprise crew play many wonderful cat-and-mouse games with the Romulans, but the Enterprise never got into a space battle with the Romulan warbird. DS9 gives many stupid space battles.

I like many of DS9's characters, and I generally can't stand Troi, but Troi's presence as a counselor on the Enterprise is far more of a radical imagining than anything DS9 ever comes up with.

And @4, the Star Trek: The Motion Picture is both great science fiction and tediously boring. Voyager is just boring.
Jan 24, 2013 omniart commented on Does Everybody Still Hate Puns?.
So to paraphrase, puns are a constant irritation.

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