Nikkilee Taylor
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Apr 27, 2011 Nikkilee Taylor reviewed Pony.
Isn't it difficult enough to keep dissention out of the ranks of the LGBT community? I am a Transsexual and an artist. I was simply asking if Marcus was there. I was told by this bartender, Jake or Jack,what his personal thoughts of what Marcus might think about my filming there. He said " We have a bar to run, I think the answer is no ". Well I hadn't asked him his psychic thoughts on the matter but,trying to be nice, I explained who I was and that I had filmed there before. His reply was "yes youv'e introduced yourself like a bunch of times to me ". I could of apologized for the fact he had a forgetable face but didn't. I did tell him I did not appreciate his unprofessional attitude. He told me he did not like my self centered bitchiness. He said " At least I don't have to pretend to be a woman every day ". This is very hyppocrytical behavior since he is gay and obviously clueless. I didn't talk about his sexuality. I called Marcus and have never heard a word back. Marcus has done drag as Ursala Android and I am dissapointed he didn't even return my calls. Are people so scarred by having been picked on that they have to do it to feel good about themselves ? In hindsight, I think my closet would be bigger than the pony anyway. Given it being so small it is possible to have a good time Ian Carter has been nothing but friendly and really nice and I have really appreciated that. Just stay away from a couple of the bartenders. Oh by the way the one I had a problem with looks like a model, for playdough that is. I think the LGBT community should not stand behind a bar that condones discriminatory actions against their own
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Apr 27, 2011 Nikkilee Taylor joined My Stranger Face