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Vancouver, B.C.
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Mar 20, 2014 Christo B commented on Seattle's Professional Snuggle Service?!?.
@19 -- if he's considering bringing said cookie into bed then he's not very professional at all.
Jun 14, 2013 Christo B commented on Dear Elliott Bay Books: Please Be Open the Hours You're Open.
I agree -- I've worked a lot of retail, and there is definitely a special place in hell for people who show up with 5 minutes left until closing.

It's just plain rude.
Sep 14, 2012 Christo B commented on Little Smokies.
@23 -- ain't that the truth.

You have the freedom of religion, we have the freedom to express concerns about your actions. And this action causes me some concern.
Sep 11, 2012 Christo B updated his or her location.
Sep 11, 2012 Christo B commented on DJ Dan Savage vs Ira Glass - The Playlists.
Ira definitely played "Hot Cheetos and Takis" at one point.
Apr 30, 2011 Christo B commented on Still More Anti-Superman Comments from Teabaggers.
"God help us…..we have lost Superman…’s official we gone to hell in hand basket!
Now you can even buy your kids a comic book. I bet the original creator of Superman is flipping in his gave!"

If I were to tell this person that one of the original creators of Superman was from Soviet Canuckistan, would his head explode?

(also you spin in your grave, not flip)
Apr 30, 2011 Christo B joined My Stranger Face