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Oct 12, 2012 dude-man commented on A-Plus Knockoff.
The marketing for this movie is horrible - makes it seem like its a single joke played out for the entire film. And yes, nothing but a retread of the Pulp Fiction wannabes of the 90's.
Aug 31, 2012 dude-man commented on Bootlegging for Fun and Profit.
How can yo write a review about bootlegging in the 1930's and not talk about cars or car chases? I'm trusting that the lawman drives a cool Buick and the bad guys have hotted Fords. Also is there banjo music during dirt road chases? Enquiring minds want to know...
Aug 11, 2012 dude-man commented on The Campaign: Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis Endorsed This Message.
Remember when Robin Wlliams tried this kind of movie? That truly seemed like a confluence of bad things. Do people actually like political comedies? What a waste of effort.
Aug 4, 2012 dude-man commented on Dickless.
The title of this review - 'Dickless' - is perfect...
Jun 14, 2012 dude-man commented on Road Trip Through Hell.
I have driven through a lot of Mexico over the years - probably in excess of 12,000 miles. My biggest trip was in 2007 when my then girlfriend and I drove from the border at Juarez down to Manzanillo (which is on the west coast) and then took several side trips over a month.

Few people will believe me when I tell them I have had more problems with police in the US than Mexico. It really is all about avoiding certain parts of the country, definitely NOT driving at night, and taking advice from people who know... Yes, apparently there are roads where roadblocks are sometimes set up for shakedowns (or much worse), and yes, generally the idea is to absolutely keep on the road and keep going through any questionable areas.

It is definitely the third world, obviously - but then there are things like the amazing and surprisingly expensive toll roads that run up through the middle of the country and which connect most major cities. You can drive hundreds of miles on these and would swear you were somewhere in the US; in many ways they are better than the average highway in say, Michigan.

Mexico is so diverse - you can find places that are absolutely European or like the best parts of southern California... it really is an adventure.

I would say that if you want trouble, drive a new expensive SUV (just to show how scarred and incapable of mature decisions you are), ignore words of advice regarding routes, and disregard traffic laws. You will definitely find some kind of trouble.
Jun 6, 2012 dude-man commented on The Samaritan: Samuel L. Jackson Lost a Bet.
I started avoiding movies with Samuel Jackson about the time I saw an interview with him in which he hyped his non-character in the Star Wars prequels. I doubt he lost a bet - he's just a sellout and a shill for anyone with a buck.
May 9, 2012 dude-man commented on Savage Love.
Looking for a 'third' for the lesbian duo is going to be work... Yeah, they want just the right guy, but don't want to draw form their existing crowd. So the question is: how hard is it to find a new sex partner when you have standards - and where do we go?

Uh, it's pretty god damn hard, and if you think you can merely click the right boxes on a sex-site, run the search and magically get your guy delivered without time and effort, I got some news for you. It's gonna demand effort.

This letter just seemes so naive and self-involved... I'm betting they won't actually jump the hurdles that are required and will just give in to a guy of convienence, or the worng guy, or no guy at all...
Apr 26, 2012 dude-man commented on The Cure for the Common Coed.
Maybe I've been out of college for too long, but I have no idea what the 'insanity of American college life' is suppose to be, and from the sound of it, this movie isn't going to help me remember...

Growing up, learning some stuff, living on your own, making new friends, getting to class at 9:00 on a Friday, having too much to drink, living like a monk because you don't have any money, etc. Yeah. That was insane. Gave me schizophrenia as well...

Feb 23, 2012 dude-man commented on Rampart: Woody Harrelson Acts Like a Bad-Ass.
Sounds like sometimes-great writer Elroy is half-assing is way through more movie scripts. The last movie he was credited with was Street Kings - had to look up the title, because even that was forgetable - and this new one sounds like the same old re-heated bad cop stuff, complete with an unsatisfying story arc.
Feb 16, 2012 dude-man commented on Concessions 90210.
I've read a few things about the story / theme of the movie, and it sounds like an interesting premise - why do whites in the south who are raised by blacks generally grow into these racist asses? - but not having seen the movie, it sounds like it unentionally answers the question via the mechanics of the story: because these blacks need whites to even give their perspctive. Ugh, and what a waste of a good idea.

I have family down in Texas (from a small little town with both the good and bad sides of the tracks), and its the same situation: Black nanny who seems to be part of the family and is entrusted with raising the kids, but when it comes to weddings and social events, is sat in the very back row and dismissed as mere 'help'. Its pathetic and disgusting.

By the way, the part about making him vacum - funny!