Jan 13, 2014 BlagHag commented on Poll: Let's Talk Trash! Should the City Reduce Garbage Pickup to Once Every Two Weeks?.
How about they make the system they already have more efficient? I have the misfortune of having the apartment in my building that is right next to the dumpsters in the alley. There are numerous dumpsters there from different buildings. Even though they are all within ten steps of each other, EACH has a different day of the week for pickup. This means that 4/5 weekdays I'm woken up to the crashing and slamming of garbage bins outside my window in the wee hours of the morning, hours before I have to get up and go to work. On some days TWO garbage pickups will happen, spaced out by a couple of hours. So if you managed to get back to sleep after that first one, well, then fuck you.

I know, I know. I bought that corner apartment next to the dumpsters. I could live with being woken up early one or twice a week. I'm mostly enraged by how illogical and inefficient their plan is. Why don't they pick up all of the trash in one stop?!
Dec 12, 2013 BlagHag commented on OMG Stock Up on Sriracha!.
I'm just going to put this here... Hot Sauce Over Humanity: On Siracha http://skepchick.org/2013/12/sriracha/
Oct 30, 2013 BlagHag commented on No on 522: Label GMOs, But Not This Way.
As a geneticist, I'm happy to see the Stranger finally posted something sensible and scientifically accurate about this GMO issue. Too bad it came out after weeks of Yes campaign nonsense and after ballots have already been mailed.
Jan 17, 2013 BlagHag commented on The Book of Mormon and the Power of Hilarious Choreography.
I was also there last night and had a great time. Though I'll be honest, I found myself laughing the hardest when they were simply stating facts about Mormonism.
Dec 7, 2012 BlagHag commented on Have You Ever Thrown a Drink in Someone's Face?.
I did it once during my final year of undergrad. I was dancing with my boyfriend at the time, and some huge frat-bro kept aggressively grabbing me and grinding up against my ass. After repeatedly telling him to stop touching me and physically pushing him away, I realized he wasn't going to get the hint. So the next time he humped me I "accidentally" spilled my huge vodka and cranberry all over his light colored shirt. He got pissed, but then some random 5 foot tall drunk girl in a black mini dress got in between us and started screaming at him about how he's a cad, and then the rest of his frat bros physically dragged him away. All of this unfolded during the song Empire State of Mind, so I think of it every time I hear it.

No regrets. Especially since it was $1.50 wells night.
Jun 8, 2012 BlagHag reviewed Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery.
I was really, really looking forward to Hot Cakes opening up. A delicious molten cake store by a famed chocolatier next to one of my favorite dinner spots? Hell yeah! I was ready to make it my regular dessert stop.

Boy, was I disappointed.

My boyfriend and I went in and were a little wary of the $7.50 price tag for a molten chocolate cake. We decided to split a cake, thinking they must be a decent size for such a price. When the cake came out in it's little mason jar, we looked at each other and shared a look of "That's it?" I could have eaten the whole thing myself in two bites. We took tiny bites to try to make it last, but ended up leaving disgruntled and going home and making our own dessert.

It was good, but not $7.50 for two bites good. I can buy a bar of Theo Chocolate for $4 and be more fulfilled and eat something just as delicious. The decor is lovely, but the food won't be bringing me back ever again. Even if someone gave me a 50% coupon the food still wouldn't be worth the price.
Jun 4, 2012 BlagHag commented on In Case You Were Wondering....
Paseo is indeed fucking delicious, but honestly my allegiance has changed to Dot's just down the street. They have way more variety and are just as good, if not better. It's also a perk to be able to order whenever I want and not feel like I'm about to give birth immediately afterward.
May 1, 2012 BlagHag commented on Testaments Old & New.
@30 Yes, I know. I agree with you ;)
May 1, 2012 BlagHag commented on Testaments Old & New.
Matthew 5:17 ""Don't think that I came to destroy the law or the prophets. I didn’t come to destroy, but to fulfill."

But both the old and new book are bullshit, so it doesn't really matter.