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Jul 10, 2014 DevoutAtheist commented on I Love Television.
Oh nice! I read the book the Strain is based on and that was a fun read. I've totally got time for letting Guillermo entertain me with non-sparkly vampires!
Jun 18, 2014 DevoutAtheist commented on I Love Television.
Am I in the Matrix or didn't Dominion become a SyFy series last year? I thought I remember seeing the first one and then I went back to not caring...
May 1, 2014 DevoutAtheist commented on Coming Soon: Wind the Inheritance.
A sad commentary on this National Day of Reason ( Thanks for letting us know the stupid continues (lack of surprise).
Mar 26, 2014 DevoutAtheist commented on How a $15 Minimum Wage Would Make Everyone Richer.
Very well written, insightful and thoughtful. Event though I'm not a Seattle citizen, I'll be following this conversation very closely. Thanks!
Mar 14, 2014 DevoutAtheist commented on I, Anonymous.
@11 Shit. I didn't realize my Hyundai Sonata counted me as a rich kid, but I do have the soul-stealing cube farm job. This one hurt, just a little bit, from its accuracy. Thanks. Happy Pi Day!
Jan 14, 2014 DevoutAtheist commented on The End Is Nigh-er.
Thanks for the suggestion - I just downloaded the first one and will see how it goes!
Jul 19, 2013 DevoutAtheist commented on I've Just Accounted for the Rest of Your Summer Reading.
Thanks for the heads up, Paul. I like lots of stuff Tor has done and the price tag is perfect!
Jul 12, 2013 DevoutAtheist commented on Pacific Rim: Beautiful, Bold Genre Fun.
Well when I woke up this morning I certainly wasn't expecting to read a positive review for Pacific Rim - I think Michael Bay has jaded me to hate anything splashy, but I trust Paul's judgement on this stuff and will add this to my list of movies to see.
Jul 7, 2013 DevoutAtheist commented on Slog Bible Study: 2 Samuel 13:10-15.
I can't wait to hear about how we are taking this one out of context!
Dec 6, 2012 DevoutAtheist commented on Responding to Shortage, Judges Will Open Courtrooms on Sunday to Marry Gay Couples.
Is there a convenient way to thank each of these judges for coming in on their own free time to do this without making such an influx of thanks be a burden for them or interfere with people who are trying to conduct "real business? Can you supply us with email addresses or phone numbers or physical addresses so that these amazing people can know that we know and appreciate them? Thanks!