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Jan 19 happyfamilyfuntime commented on Inside the Debate Over Whether the Seattle Womxn's March Should Be Silent.
Sometimes silence speaks louder than voices especially thousands of voices saying different things. As a mother, I know my "look" at the kids is way more impactful than when I scream and yell. it may feel better and more cathartic to yell and chant, but it doesn't have the same effect.
Apr 24, 2016 happyfamilyfuntime commented on I, Anonymous.
Yep. Cyclists need to take some responsibility and wear bright clothing. My partner was hit by a car on his bike going slow wearing bright clothes and broke some body parts even still. I understand it still happens, but it really frightens me when I see cyclists riding in dark clothes with 1 tiny little light on our dark, rainy days. It's irresponsible. We share the road which means we need to share the responsibility of looking out for one another. Duh.
Jul 28, 2015 happyfamilyfuntime commented on District Date: Exploring the Sprawling, Car-Dependent District 5.
@7, Lake City Way has sidewalks. 1 to 2 blocks off of LCW and living in the neighborhood adjacent, there are no sidewalks and the only way to get to parks, schools and the library is to walk on the street. It blows.
Jul 15, 2015 happyfamilyfuntime commented on The Stranger's Endorsements for the August 2015 Primary Election!.
No mention of sandy brown for district 5.. would like to have heard your reasons for not picking him.
Apr 27, 2015 happyfamilyfuntime commented on Occupy Activist Running for Southeast Seattle Council Seat Against Bruce Harrell.
His ideas may be sound but when he spoke at the Park Board meeting about the Smoking Ban he was vitriolic and abrasive. Councilmember Sawant holds true to her ideals but has enough savvy not to act like a spoiled child. We would be better off with a candidate with progressive ideology and the ability to not throw temper tantrums. Grown ups for City Council!
Mar 16, 2015 happyfamilyfuntime commented on Why Is This Rogue Needle Exchange Handing Out Meth Pipes?.
Reminds me of my friend Bob Quinn and I'm glad to see the work he fought for is continuing. http://slog.thestranger.com/slog/archive…
Sep 16, 2014 happyfamilyfuntime commented on How Urban Farming Can Become a Tool for the Oppression of the Poor.
@18 seattle p-patches donate hundreds of thousands of pounds of fresh produce a year to food banks. Not to mention the community built and/or that people are learning how to grow their own food, which is a skill you will wish you had when zombie apocalypse happens. Recognize!
May 28, 2014 happyfamilyfuntime commented on Cycle Track Showdown.
and, I meant @19. @18,the reality is biking is better for one's health and better for the environment; those are values worth promoting, in my opinion.
May 28, 2014 happyfamilyfuntime commented on Cycle Track Showdown.
Riding a bike in an unprotected bike lane on any street in this city is an extreme sport. MoRE people would prefer to ride around town if there were avenues where we wouldn't have to worry about teens texting while driving, moms yelling at their kids in the back seat, etc...

Many people I know who commute have been hit by cars, the bicycle culture hasn't developed enough here for it to be safe. The westlake cycle track would be a link between the burke-gilman and downtown seattle.

I can't wait for it to be built so I can ride my bike to work without worrying about leaving my children orphans. If @18, that means I'm infantile than....WWWWAAAAAHHHH!
Nov 25, 2012 happyfamilyfuntime commented on RIP Bob Quinn.
@57, that's definitely Harris. I remember Bob always walking with that leash around his own neck because he wouldn't dare walk with it around Harris'. Thanks for finding that pic!