Jun 24, 2013 kdorian commented on The Way Back Machine.
@7: From what I've seen (and I am not an expert) the most confusion seems to come from one of two places. Either they run into someone whose name and gender expression are at odds either obviously or subtly, and their mind is giving them conflicting signals... or they're the kind of jerks who can't deal with people "pretending" to be one gender, when the other is their real gender .
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@1: PS, stop insulting lesbians by calling them cis-gendered instead of lesbians. Your networking carving will go better that way.

Please try finding out what a word means before you decide you've been insulted. Lesbians are cisgendered - as are gay men, straight men, and straight women, unless any of the forementioned are transgendered. It's no more an 'insult' than a gay man/lesbian woman calling a non-gay/lesbian 'staight'.
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Shame on you, Dan! Of course there are atheists in foxholes! Go take a look at http://militaryatheists.org/atheists-in-… , or the monument to atheists in foxholes in Alabama - http://ffrf.org/outreach/atheists-in-fox…
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@15: Because either now or at some point in the future, someone in a similar situation is going to come across this column. Maybe another rape survivor whose partner is pushing for rape play; or incest play for someone who assaulted by a relative; or breath control play for someone who has (been) choked or almost drowned. Yes, the original writer has presumably moved on, but there is still value in the support given by the readers, reinforcing the idea that NO, you do NOT have to agree to be traumatized by your partner; that YES they are being unreasonable by not taking no for an answer; NO, you do not have to put up with that behavior; and YES you are doing the right thing by doing what you need to to feel safe, including DTMFA!
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#51 - While I agree with your points, she's actually attempting to make it as a commercial artist.
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#8 - No need to elaborate, you were fine with your first post. I can't be the only person who's noticed that most everything that's wrong with a person, short of outright deformities or immediate physical injury, is ultimately a "mental problem" right up until the point doctors find a way to treat it?
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