Feb 6, 2015 dv8or70 commented on The Morning News: SPD's Records Requester Is Back and Now He Wants a Ton of State Employees' E-mails.
COBOL?!!? Seriously? Why don't we spend the money on purchasing updated software rather than paying students to learn to maintain what is already terribly antiquated? Maybe someone in state could develop it? Make it a class assignment of your UW IT students.
Apr 15, 2014 dv8or70 commented on 7 Remarkable Robert Fripp Moments (Not With King Crimson).
His work with The League of Gentlemen is fantastic.
Jan 23, 2013 dv8or70 commented on The GOP Will Never Forget Benghazi.
This is not about Benghazi. It's a play by Republicans to tarnish a Clinton run for the presidency in 2016. It's a play by Democrats to inoculate Clinton for a run for the presidency in 2016. Give them Benghazi indeed.
Dec 5, 2012 dv8or70 commented on Windows 8 Sure Isn't Wowing Them.
The article is half baked. Some of what it says has merit, but some does not and still other parts it admits that the jury is still out on. It draws a conclusion in the headline that is not supportable if one takes the time to actually read the text. Also, the first point is, to pardon the pun, an apples to oranges comparison. Yes, Apple might be outselling Lenovo on it's total sales, but the article only quote Lenovo's PC sales. It doesn't state whether that number for Lenovo's sales includes tablets and notebooks (as it separates out the iPad). Also, Apple is the only manufacturer of the products containing it's OS. Lenovo is but one manufacturer on the Windows platform. If one took all of the Windows platform units they outsell Apple by a huge margin.

Left out of the article is any mention of the Android platform which is giving Apple's iOS a run for it's money in the phone market and in the tablet market (if one throws in Kindle and such). That would be an interesting addition to the discussion.

But, that the OS is becoming a less important platform and that Microsoft trails on the important new hardware forums...yes, those are salient discussions...for the long term. One shouldn't count Microsoft out, though, as they have a tendency to react and improve on their products and finally get it right around the third iteration.
Nov 21, 2012 dv8or70 commented on GOPers Might Want to Stop Blaming Voters If They Want Any Shot at Wooing Them Back.
This is really a logical extension of their campaign strategy. We saw during the campaign that their message - what candidates, primarily the presidential candidate, actually said - didn't need to map with their policies. Voters recognized that and it hurt candidates up and down the ticket, especially those attempting to run moderate like McKenna.

But, Republicans, rather than take away a refutation of their policies that are offensive to groups that they wish to attract, instead move a step further away. This one is a step away from even the message. Rather, it's the voter's fault. It's as if their loss on election night has snipped the feeble tether that they had on reality. That loss, which they totally didn't expect, cut that cord and now they drift in open space bouncing from one fantastical and fanatical opinion as to how they failed.
Nov 6, 2012 dv8or70 commented on Now That's Patriotism.

Man suffers heart failure, is given CPR, and when he comes to asks, "Did I vote?"
Sep 27, 2012 dv8or70 commented on The Washington Restaurant Association Thinks You're Stupid.
Well, they bought into 1183, didn't they? I wouldn't get my hopes up.
Sep 26, 2012 dv8or70 commented on Watch the State Supreme Court Hearing That Made Goldy Threaten to Give Up.
Laws passed repeatedly by democratic votes can be undemocratic and unconstitutional. Think anti-gay marriage laws and segregationist laws. Or think about laws passed which do not meet current constitutional standards and instead should be passed as Constitutional amendments (such as the super majority laws). I understand the meaning, despite your less than clever attempt at quoting The Princess Bride.
Sep 26, 2012 dv8or70 commented on Watch the State Supreme Court Hearing That Made Goldy Threaten to Give Up.
Super majorities are to the legislative branch as mandatory minimums are to the judicial branch. Both are incredibly lazy and stupid ideas put forth by those who live in black and white worlds with little to no nuance (which they reserve for themselves and their own families should the occasion arise). They either allay citizens from the responsibility of proper review when voting for representatives or they feel the citizenry is too stupid to vote for the candidates that they prefer (or both, I suppose). They are anti-democratic and oppose rule of law.
Jun 24, 2012 dv8or70 commented on The Liquor Control Board Comments on Costco's Lawsuit.
Much as I would love to see the distribution system dismantled, most folks are missing a point here. Distributors, specific distributors, are an efficient manner of doing business from the perspective of the booze manufacturers. It helps them maintain their profits. Plus that's how they operate in 49 other states - many with the same distributors in all of those 49 other states. Costco has approached the major manufacturers and asked to buy booze direct from them under the new law and they've been told to suck eggs. Which means that Costco has to purchase their name brands from the major distributors and are not going to beat the prices when selling to restaurants and bars. This is all grandstanding. And the president of the restaurant/bar association knows this. He's just trying to cover his ass to his angry (rightfully so) constituents who thought (because he sold the idea) that they were going to see significant savings. Costco should just agree to pay their damn distribution tax that they were too clever by half in trying to avoid (and they should stop watering down their damn Macallan Scotch and trying to sell it as the real stuff).