Dec 1, 2011 McKeag commented on Tell Me About Good Music Biographies.
I Am Ozzy- Ozzy Osbourne. Easily the best rock bio I've read in 10 years. Better than the David Lee Roth book, better than the Aerosmith book. The stories are mind blowing and very well told and Ozzy comes across as a very genuine and hilarious dude. The Dark Stuff by Nick Kent is also amazing... in a totally different way. Also highly recommend John Peel: Margrave Of The Marshes. Best WORST ROCK BIO EVER is the Eric Clapton: The Autobiography. What a self-absorbed, womanizing, boring-ass turd.
Nov 30, 2011 McKeag commented on Reggae: is it Vile?.
I'm sorry, Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhat? I got so distracted by that Cybil Shepherd poster in the background that I can't even form a sentence/type/give a shit about reggae. SHE WENT OUT WITH ELVIS! As a 42 year old dude that lived through it... I have zero connection to the "born after '75 set's obession w/80's nostalgia... but bring back Moonlighting and I'm a happy dude.
Nov 23, 2011 McKeag commented on I Know So Many Folks Love Fleetwood Mac, the '70s Fleetwood Mac, But My Fave Is Obviously Peter Green-Era Fleetwood Mac!.
Nipper... couldn't agree MORE! Check out "Jumping At Shadows" from the Boston Tea Party shows for some seriously spooky Just-You-Fuckers-Watch-I'm-Gonna-Totally-Lose-My-Noodle-In-A-Year-Or-So action. Me and Jeff Fielder have been threatening to start a Green-Era Fleetwood Mac cover band... might be HIGH time. When's your birthday?
Sep 2, 2011 McKeag commented on Jon Russell of the Head and the Heart Allegedly Attacks Sound Technician.
I think that 102 might be on to something re: there being two sides to this story... regardless of how utterly unacceptable this Jon guy's behaviour was. I don't agree with 102 re: "Head & The Neck" starting some sort of movement (more like wrapping one up, if the lord has any mercy on our bearded-acoustic-banjo-sodden ears) or that being a tired, drunk and/or strung out touring musician is an excuse for physically attacking another person.

However- I've dealt with more than my share of difficult house sound humans over the years... and they can be just as tired, cranky and downright bizarre as the musicians they work with, if not more so. In fact, after 25 years of playing, booking and producing shows, I've observed that that particular job description seems to attract a greater percentage of solitary/quirky/non-people person people to it than any other in the industry. Kinda makes sense though- house sound techs have to work 5-6 nights a week with 2-4 bands per night of varying degrees of talent, experience and attitude. I love music- but that would suck!

I think the lesson here is two fold: if you're a musician, mind your p's and q's around ALL the support staff in any venue. Be nice, have fun & thank 'em for a job well done... and don't get so wasted that you lose control unless you can afford a limo home, a bodyguard or two and a team of defense attorneys. If you're a sound tech... do the same.

Aug 17, 2011 McKeag commented on A New Tax on Dancing.
Hey, 'Strangeways'... speaking as a local musician for 15+ years... I've found ZERO inequity in how Seattle musicians are paid vs. how musicians are paid anywhere else. In most situations, bands share 80% or so of the gate after the sound/lights/door guy get paid. Sometimes the bands get 100% of the gate. I've seen local club owners give touring bands MORE than they actually earned on a slow night just because they're on the road. Keep in mind, club owners, with rare exception, are people who love music and wanted to create a cool place for people to come hear it. The booze sales just pay the bills.

Artists are paid a pre-agreed percentage of the cover charge. If they bring in lots of people, and those people drink lots of drinks, the artists will be well compensated, the bar will make money and the artist will be asked back to do it all again. If one of those first two things DOESN'T happen- the other won't either. If you or your friends aren't making enough money playing clubs, then do the rest of the competition a favor and quit... or work harder to get a bigger fanbase- doesn't matter how shitty you are, you'll get gigs and make lots of dough if you've got fans.

Every club in this town takes chances on new bands, every club has certain acts they depend on to bring in big crowds, and it ain't easy to pay the bills. Just like being in a band- there's no guarantees. Ask any club what its like to book the weekends during the summer when the bands/fans are busy playing/attending one of the umpteen music festivals that populate the calendar. Ask 'em what its like to deal with a sunny day... or a snow day. It blows! The liquor is their lifeblood- that's how they pay the rent/employees/etc. I'd be surprised if your average Seattle club owner brings in a salary of more than $40K. Seriously- there isn't a great living in that biz. THEY LOVE MUSIC!

Now imagine being that person and getting hit with a $200K tax bill... OUT OF NOWHERE. Cruel and unusual punishment, for sure. Nevermind the ongoing worries about people fighting/falling/starting lawsuits, getting fined for artists drinking on stage & being forced to spend $30K+ to install sprinklers a few years ago in some of the old buildings that house these venues.
Jun 30, 2011 McKeag commented on Caperin': 2011 Grocery Store Round-Up.
Dear Safeway/Admiral location- please re-open soon, because I don't care how good their salads are or how nice the employees are- Metro Market is an overpriced nightmare frequented by POMPOUS-ASSED, BMW/MERCEDES DRIVING DICKWADS THAT DON'T ADHERE TO 'GROCERY STORE/PERSONAL SPACE/COURTESY-STYLE ACTION of GET OUT OF MY WAY/KEEP YOUR CART ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE ISLE CAUSE I'M JUST HERE TO BUY A 12 PACK OF PBR AND SOME GROUND BEEF' ettiquette!
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May 25, 2011 McKeag commented on On the Fence: Tom Petty.

Long time reader... first time comment'r. You slay me always- good shit. Anyway...

You made a fatal error re: Petty... YOU LISTENED TO ALL THE RECORDS THAT SUCK!