May 27, 2011 ML28 commented on How to Defeat a Pit Bull with Your Bare Hands.
Thanks SO much for the article. I live in Portland, and walk everywhere. 4 years ago I was charged by a Rottweiler UNLEASHED in a school playground 5 blocks from my house. Luckily I had my little guy leashed, and that saved his life (but almost broke his neck) because I swung him so high that the Rott couldn't get him before someone got the ROTT. It's a miracle neither I nor my little dog were killed or seriously hurt. Since then I'm hyper-vigilant. I am so glad to see that my plan to get us up on a car makes sense. And now I'm getting the bear spray too. I love Caesar Milan, and understand the whole thing about "powerful breeds". Unfortunately the "powerful breed" dog owners are usually so out of it and stupid that I have to assume the dog is at the very best not trained and possibly dangerous/deadly. I would have had no idea what to do if a Pit bull, with it's "powerful jaws", got a hold of me (or my little guy), but now I do. Now I also know what to do about the rest of them... if it works for a pit, I assume it'll work for a lab! SO THANK YOU for the information and great illustrations. I feel better and won't be forgetting any of that soon!
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