Apr 26 mage commented on Why Does This House Cost $1,000,000?.
Nearly no one wants density. It sucks. Apartments are terrible. I'd gladly take a hour train ride each way to live in a small, run down, old, house.

Here's a link:


It's actually millennials that least want density.

And we don't need density. Post industrial economies don't need everyone coming into the city every day to work. It's a bad habit that we need to shake.
Apr 6 mage commented on Savage Love.
Domme: unrealistic expectations are super common among those new to bdsm. And the pattern described sounds like what happens with people trying to make that first time move from fantasy to reality. I'd always advise attending some events and talking to people, so you can see what people are actually doing irl. Also a great place to meet play partners.
Apr 1 mage commented on Trump Administration Attacks LGBT Community On Three Fronts Over Last 24 Hours.
So. An anti worker move, that doesn't effect gays more than any others workers that needed protection. And an anti health Care move, that effects anyone who needs health Care. And he fails to expand gay rights in new ways.

That's a pretty damn weak attack. Almost like he isn't really going after gay rights at all.

Though he did succeed in perpetuating an evil economic system that fucks the poor. And he also made Dan sound like a republican from eight years ago, freaking out about every little thing Trump does.
Mar 23 mage commented on Texas Teacher Smiles For Mugshot.

Any objection, no matter how limited in scope, to age of consent laws, gets the same response.
"You just want fuck children."

I figure this is projection from people who actually want to fuck children.

See what I did there? Is that better than arguing the actual point?
Mar 31, 2016 mage commented on Police Go on Fishing Expedition, Search the Home of Seattle Privacy Activists Who Maintain Tor Network.

You don't understand how warrants work in practice. LE can get any warrant they want. A good attorney may be able to get a bad warrant thrown out after the fact, but that only applies if there are charges. If the goal is harassment, there is little you can do. (You can sue for harrassment.)

Warrant applications are like grand juries, the go the prosecutor's way nearly all the time.
Mar 31, 2016 mage commented on Oh, Look. A Gun That Folds Up To Look Like a Cell Phone..
The non gun bits are plastic, so on xray it will just look like a gun.

...But for the tsa, even a giant sign wouldn't be enough.
Mar 23, 2016 mage commented on Savage Love.
I don't understand the lying. There are serious issues with how rape is handled in our culture, but so many of the people pushing the rape culture narrative insist on standing by blatant falsehoods.

There are police departments that simply don't bother with sex crimes, at all.

...But burglary is far less likely to result in prosecution. And victims are always asked about their security measures. That's victims of every type of crime. Why lie about that?

It's like making up a story about Hitler being a pedo. Why?

Or when the defence accuses the victim of lying. That isn't victim blaming, and it isn't unique to rape cases. It's criminal defense strategy number one for all cases. Accuse any witness against you of lying. That's exactly how OJ got off.

Saying that culture effects behavior is a tautology; saying our culture promotes rape is a value judgement. Both statements are useless.

OTOH, saying our culture is less tolerant of rape than ever before is accurate. As is saying that more can yet be done. I bet that pointing out actual problems along with practical solutions would get better responses from people like Hunter.
Mar 11, 2016 mage commented on Helen Fisher on Open Marriages: "They never end up working long-term.".
An OPP doesn't have to be sexist, but when men are explaining why it's important to them that they have one, they usually say something sexist.

It's also associated with groan inducing, new to poly, unicorn hunters looking for a hot bi babe.

And I have yet to hear a currently unpartnered woman say she's looking for a one penis policy relationship.

Then there's the old "if you just don't want any other men, why do you need a policy?"

So it's not wrong, but it's at least a yellow flag.

Kind of like how only dating within your race might be racist, or just a result of it being easiest to relate to others with similar life experiences.

They are also similar in the way they draw attention. If you just date women, or just date within your race, no one is likely to care. Whereas a declaration that "the only dick allowed is mine" gets a similar reception to "white dick only".
Mar 7, 2016 mage commented on Liveslogging What Will Probably Not be a Debate About Hillary and Bernie's Genitals.
In my fantasy world, this is a general election debate between the moderate republican and democrat candidates.

...since both of them are still to the right of nixon. Nixon proposed a friggen UBI.