Sep 29, 2016 MissEli commented on Move, Bitch. Get Out the Way. My Final Philosophy.
So long, Larry, and thanks for all the fish ...
Aug 4, 2016 MissEli commented on Should I Have Voted in the Recent Primary? A Flowchart.
*are* a bit much.
Aug 4, 2016 MissEli commented on Should I Have Voted in the Recent Primary? A Flowchart.
3 elections is a bit much. 5 in a single calendar year is a galling waste of time, energy and money. That we had a special election and a non-binding presidential primary that didn't change a single delegate allocation in consecutive months is ludicrous.
Aug 4, 2016 MissEli commented on Seattle's Neighborhood Councils Are Exclusionary, Self-Interested "Cartels," and the City Wants to Cut Ties with Them.
There's a line in the story that I'd like to steal for other purposes:

Some people work at night; Some people don't have transportation; Some people don't speak English; Some people have other obligations... While caucus[es] work for some, the truth is they do not work for everyone. We want to broaden the access points and provide more opportunities. Everyone has a vote and it's our job to count them.
Jul 18, 2016 MissEli commented on The Queen Protester of Baton Rouge: An Art Review.
Thank you, Jen, for the review and for opening up the comments.
Jul 15, 2016 MissEli commented on We Asked 12 People At a Pokemon Go Meet-Up: What's the Craziest Thing You've Done To Catch a Pokemon?.
What's with the mention of 7-Up cake? Is Safeway known for it?
Jul 7, 2016 MissEli commented on Hillary Clinton Won't Go to Jail, But Will the E-Mail Scandal Hurt Her Chances In November?.

What a curiously indifferent, if not disdainful, aside on access to government information by a journalist. If dodging the Freedom of Information Act and its demands is a minor thing (and that is how this whole affair started, with unfilled and delayed FOIA requests), does that mean it's fine to 'dodge' open meetings and public records acts at the state and local level? So, "the secretive proceedings" that led to the leasing of Port of Seattle's Terminal 5 to Shell for its Arctic drilling rig is not actually a "sham of a democratic process," despite what Syndey Brownstone wrote? And it's no big deal that Mayor Murray wants to unleash the FBI after Ansel's source for the SPD contract negotiations details that were leaked?

Or does affirmatively flouting government transparency only count when it's politicians we don't like keeping us from information we want? I don't think Clinton is evil, or should go to jail if she hasn't committed a crime, but leaving aside the judgment issue ... isn't public access to government information an important bi-partisan concept that should concern a lot of people, regardless of political orientation? And whether or not a particular candidate or elected official has a noted reluctance, disregard or anti-pathy towards government transparency, based on verified statements and actions, is something that shouldn't be squelched as merely a partisan witchhunt.
May 20, 2016 MissEli commented on Enter the Dough Zone.
I've waited an hour, with a group of friends, to do Dai Tai Fung, but when I go by myself, I can usually squeeze in at the bar or a two-person table. I actually prefer their other dumplings to the soup dumplings. So, for me, the question is -- how does the Dough Zone compare to soup dumplings found in Richmond/Crystal City/Vancouver, B.C.? (My favourite place is Lin's Chinese, just off of 12th and Granville.)

I'm teasing, actually. Thank you for the review - the Yelp reviews seemed mixed and I wasn't sure it was worth weaning myself from Szechaun Chef when I'm across the lake.
Mar 28, 2016 MissEli commented on Maddow On The Stranger's Dual/Dueling Caucus Endorsements.
In this particular case however, the whole tone of the Clinton endorsement was just so specious and patronizing.

@22 - I found both of the endorsements to be as you described, as well as just stylistically, tonally off.

But what really pinged my "Flame On" response wasn't the dual endorsements, the dual covers or the poll. It was not being able to get to the other endorsement after getting one of them served up, due to the web cookie. Stranger publisher, writers, editors, other staff: it's your paper, not mine. But actively hiding content from segments of your readers seems like a bad idea, even for a one-time thing. Yes, I was ultimately able to see what I was looking for after jumping through a hoop or two.

However, using web cookies to play 'hide the ball' with a certain page? That breaks my trust with you, which saddens me: I've relied upon The Stranger since moving to Seattle for decent, bold & occasionally hard-hitting news, opinion, essays and reviews. As of Thursday afternoon - not so much. This is much worse than a paywall - this was, as far as I can reason, mainly for the lulz.

And because I'm a paranoid librarian with a bug up my keister about access to information and transparency, I fear (rationally or irrationally, take your pick) that you've made an interesting use case for other content providers to take and run with it. Even if this website never does it again, the possibility that another website decides to experience with this and refine it exists. Maybe it's existed for a long while and I've been living under a rock, but seeing it done, by a well-regarded alternative weekly, disquiets me.

So, it's been fun, and thanks for all of the fish, but it's time (even past time) I diversify my local media sources.