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Feb 19, 2012 AzaleaRose commented on Savage Love.
Circumcizing a newborn is wrong because yo9u're chopping off a piece of his genitals without hsi consent. Who the fuck are YOU to say how someone else will or should feel about their own damn genitals? If it's "ok" then he should have the right to say yay or nay right? Why does any parent have the right to chop off healthy pieces of any child's genitalia? There isn't a reason that doesn't translate to someone thinking their son's dick is their property to do with as they please.

Jan 10, 2012 AzaleaRose commented on Savage Love.
avast2006 @ 321

The scenario where one person has sexual freedom while the other is restrained by an allegiance to monogamy is the common setup of a monogamous person being cheated on.

I actually think that most people would find this kind of relationship to be ideal *if* they were the one exercising the sexual freedom.
Jan 10, 2012 AzaleaRose commented on Savage Love.
Diagoras @ 318, a person's sexuality should just happen, it shouldn't be something you struggle with. A homosexual person doesn't have to "resist" people of the opposite sex, an asexual person doesn't have to "resist" a sexual relationship, a monogamous person shouldn't be tempted to stray because by definition of mongamy they only have a desire to be with that one person. Once that is no longer true (which for many many many people that becomes the case) describing yourself as monogamous is no longer accurate. It isn't what you do, it's what you desire to do that defines your sexuality.
Jan 10, 2012 AzaleaRose commented on Savage Love.
Someone hit the nail on the head, a big part of the reason why people can't come out as mongamish or poly and happy is because mongamous people will feel threatened by it. The argument is often:" nobody who *insert "good catch criteria here* would be willing to engage in nonmonogamy! If you love me you'll be monogmaous! You can only be in love with one person at a time!" Without the participation of the masses in monogamy, the dating pool dries up for those who wish to be monogamous. Truth is, with so many men and women cheating already, the truly monogamous are rare anyway!
Dec 22, 2011 AzaleaRose commented on Savage Love.
Forgive me for being late to the party but I think men who are attracted to cis-women are typically men who do not find the idea of touching a penis, or what used to be a penis, something they'd do intentionally if well informed. Her vagina is of course not a penis anymore than an A cup would continue to be A cups after breast augmentation but it *used to be* a penis.

There are plenty of women who will date a guy, really like him but if his penis is really small or "looks funny" they will lose sexual interest in him. From what I know of MTF GRS is that the new vagina does not have the ability to self lubricate, many many many many many many many many many many cis het men love a vagina that is naturally well lubed and do not like using lube (outside of anal play or edible ones for foreplay). It's no secret that for a lot of straight men, the big TADA is PIV sex and a pre-op MTF couldn't give them that.

I would say this: if a straight het cis man met a straight or bisexual trans woman who they were attracted to and enjoyed having PIV sex with and then later dumped her because she's "a man", that would make him a transphobic asshole. **

**Of course if he ( didnt feel like she was a man) and felt like there was a breach of trust in her not telling about her childhood and being raised a boy or showing him pictures of what appears to be a little girl and saying it was her (when it wasnt) then lying is a big deal and wouldnt be transphobic for breaking up with because she lied but he would clearly be capable of dating a trans woman and being sexually attracted and active with her.
Sep 14, 2011 AzaleaRose commented on Savage Love.
WANK's spouse should be in a holding cell in her county's/city's jail awaiting arraignment for assault and domestica violence charges. WTH. Physical and sexual abusers belong in jail.
Jun 10, 2011 AzaleaRose commented on Savage Love.
I'm with Dan, there are women who love dick enough to appreciate a goodlooking dick pic anyday of the week with a few disclaimers, that the penis belongs to someone they are NOT related to/disgusted by/at odds with/unavaiable etc and that they know or is getting to know the owner of the dick in the pic. I never understood why so many people tried to push the idea that women are stuck on inner beauty so much that outer sexual beauty just HORRIFIES OMG us to pieces.
Jun 5, 2011 AzaleaRose commented on Savage Love.
Someone asked how overweight am I, I'm 5'4 and 160pounds 34H-28-48. I dont hae a lot of body fat outside of the obvious T&A and I work out a lot because I absolutely love my shape. I'm not saying something is wrong with being overweight on its face, there is something wrong with excessive bodyfat and that is what is bothering the husband, the bodyfat. Someone already mentioned the glaring obvious, the bulk of pregnancy weight gain is NOT bodyfat, its the actual baby;s weight, the uterus, the increased blood volume and placenta combined. Thers is SOME bodyfat gained but not 20-50 pounds of it on average. Have you ever seen a pregnant woman who looked like a small or normal sized person with a beach ball under her shirt? She doesn't expand to twice her size after giving birth to the beach ball sized fetus in her womb. There ar ea lot of variables to dictate how long it will take for the weight to come off, but when you're tlaking about someone's physcal appearance undergoing a drastic and "damaging" change to the point that their SPOUSE is ready to leave them, they are better off with someone else ANYWAY. We dn't know how long she's had excessive bodyfat or even how much excessive bodyfat she has all we know is that it's enough to completely and totally turn him off to a woman he at some point promised to spend the rest of his life with.

On the issue of age or illness, people leave spouses who are addicted to drugs, addiction is an illness and drug addicts tend to drastically change in appearance as well. But as someone else mentinoed, you age at the same time and as we age what we are attracted to or find attractive tend to change to include where we are ourselves. If you're 80 and still full of muscles with smoothskin you;d want someone who was able to look like that too. Saggy skin wouldn;t be some fact of life you;d have to jsut accept and learn to love because it didn't come crashing down on you. If you dont want your looks to matter, marry someone who thinks you;re fat and ugly, as long as your personality doesn;t change (and please dont get any mental disabilities on this person) your relationship will last forever.
Jun 4, 2011 AzaleaRose commented on Savage Love.
SuzyI didnt say he should leave you if he didn't want to, I said why is he an ass because he doesn't want to maintain a SEXUAL relationship with someone he is no longer SEXUALLY attracted to? He could still be a good co-parent without having sex with you, he could still be a good co-parent without being in a sexual/romantic relationship with you. But why should he stay in that relationship if he doesn't want to be in it? Why should he be shamed for not wanting to stay? It wasn't JUST WebMD it was also on and endocrinologists themselves have published papers in the Ameican Journal for Clinical Nutrition saying the same damn thing, 60 pounds of weight gain is NOT normal, it is NOT healthy unless you're carrying triplets. Show me one link from a reliable source where it says 60 pound weight gain is normal during a healthy singleton pregnancy and you have your point, until then I am inclined to stick with my facts because they are widely validated.

The other point of the matter is, the man isn't attracted to her anymore. It isn't fair because he was the one that got her pregnant and he made vows to love her regardless. Well he could very well still love her but love does not equal sexual and physical attraction. He shouldn't be shamed into staying with his wife and being celibate and she shouldn't want to be with someone who thinks she's unattractive and "unsexy" what could that be doing to her self esteem? I'm not on such a moral high ground that I'm in the realm of telling people that they have to just suck it up and fuck someone they are not sexually attracted to.
Jun 4, 2011 AzaleaRose commented on Savage Love.
Well someone mentioned endocronologists and well, here you go:…

"However, too much can be harmful, said the University of Bristol researchers who conducted the current study. The team took body mass index (BMI) and weight measurements of 3,877 women throughout their pregnancy and again 16 years after giving birth.

The results, which were published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, showed that women who gained more weight during their pregnancy than the Institute of Medicine recommendations were three times more likely to be obese at the end of the 16-year study period than those who experienced more moderate weight gain.

Additionally, the team noted that these women were at a higher risk for the cardiovascular and metabolic dysfunctions associated with obesity, which may include type 2 diabetes."