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Jun 6, 2011 tonyisme commented on How to Defeat a Pit Bull with Your Bare Hands.
A pit bull killed her owner, a 7 year old little girl 4 years ago. The mom was a friend of my wifes. It was a major news event. A pit bull attacked my cousin's dog in Tucson, the dog is lucky to be alive. My friend told me today his neighbors little dog got loose, and crossed paths with a pit. Its dead now. 1 year ago I was walking my beagle and luckily I had a can of mace that the mail man gave me. Some idiot on a bicycle was riding by me and towing his running dog. His dog broke the leash and pulled him off his bike. His medium sized dog came over to my dog. It was night so I couldn't see his dog well. The man followed, and said " don't worry, my dog won't bite " Next, there was a slight growl and his dog sunk its teeth into my Beagle's neck ( my kids joy of their life is that Beagle). There was no dog fight. It was a death grip, and my Beagle had no chance. As his dog was trying to kill my dog, I screamed, " Get your dog off my dog " and he couldn't. He was a strong man, maybe in his late 20's. He could not get his dog loose from mine. Him and I watched helplessly as his dog was killing mine. I could see him struggling trying to get his dog loose. So I said , "Can I spray your dog? " I asked him a second time. He said "Yes". So I sprayed that friggen thing right in the eyes, for a long time. It still did not let go of my dog. A few minutes passed. Something happened, and it LET GO :) I immediatly grabbed my dog (still on leash) and held him in my arms, and ran 1 block at least. The killer dog was trying to get loose, and come after both of us but the owner was able to hold him. The wife of that man picked us up, and took us to the Animal Hospital. My dog was bleeding all over the inside of her nice truck. I asked what was the breed of that dog? She said Pit Bull. My Beagle was in operating room for nearly 2 hours, many, many stiches on side of neck and into the ear cartilage. Deep into his ear was the damage. The Bill was $900 Dollars and they paid it. I can not tell you how scared I was, and after seeing the damage that Pit Bull did, I can see easily how they can kill a human. I have children ages 6, 9 and 11 and I will NEVER let them walk the dog without me present and I am seriously considering getting the handgun training and carrying a firearm when walking the dog. My 12 guage is just not convenient to carry. A Pit Bull is NOT a family dog. Anyone who thinks it is , is blind to the threat.