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Apr 18, 2013 chapala21 commented on Seriously, Fuck You.
I thought the Stranger gave Charlie Krafft the worst person award? Is it rotating?
Apr 12, 2013 chapala21 commented on The War on Cabs.
OK and what about the outrageous cost of AIRPORT TAXI service? The comment that it was cheaper to rent a car at the airport says a lot.
Feb 15, 2013 chapala21 commented on Charles Krafft Is a White Nationalist Who Believes the Holocaust Is a Deliberately Exaggerated Myth.
I'm not here to defend Charlie Krafft, he is quite capable of doing that himself even if he is in India at the mercy of 3rd world internet cafe's. What strikes me about this article is the emphasis on political correctness and that I find more chilling that some lunatic political viewpoint. Are we to look forward to seeing a statement of an artists political beliefs along with an artists statement at future artshows? I hope not. Isn't art about being a meritocracy where artistic talent supersedes age, race, gender, class, religion and other nationalist, class and cultural definers? Charlie developed an interest in Holocaust Deniers originally because Holocaust Denial became a punishable by imprisonment "thought crime" recently in several Western European nations. A crime for what you think and say. In the United States we honor the idea that "I may not agree with what you say but i defend your right to say it"! Having watched Charlie's body of artwork develop over the years I was taken by the repeated idea of challenging prevailing wisdom and political correctness no matter what the topic; Evolution, 911, WMD, Louis Farrakhan, medication, gender issues, etc. There are many in the age of the internet who investigate all topics in order to find some form of truth. Charlie's research, obviously controversial and despicable for some, is in fact a search for truth. As a provocateur he has made us rethink or reassert our beliefs. That's a good thing in its own way. Attacking an artists artwork in the press because of their "supposed" political beliefs a very dubious thing. I fear we have continued up the politically correct path that leads to its own brand of fascism. My historical research in the 70's on the origins of fascism made me painfully aware of how popular in fact both Mussolini and Hitler were with the new thinkers of that era. These two non-smoking vegetarian health nut leaders led the world to an abyss but they didn't do it alone; they had enumerable followers who destroyed anyone who didn't believe in their view of the world, their view of art, their view of science, their view of history. Is that where we are headed today? Again?
Dec 19, 2012 chapala21 commented on Buy Art!.
The STRANGER could host and heavily promote twice a year studio shows if in fact buying art and supporting artists is the goal.
Oct 23, 2012 chapala21 commented on Top 10 Reasons NOT to Write About the Art Market—Because It's Porn, Number One.
The Art market that is being discussed is simply a financial market. Real art news is taking place in regional settings away from the financial centers. There's always been room for more reporting about artists in their studios, new shows, galleries and the creative process. And to do this doesn't require a college degree. Matthew Kangas would be a good example of someone declaring themselves an art critic and then backing it up with actual reviews and commentary.
Courage is the key verb.
Jun 30, 2011 chapala21 commented on Sightline Institute Slams Dishonest Pro-Tunnel Campaign.
And you wonder why Boeing moved? All this mess is at the front door of their former headquarters. The sport stadium locations and the hidden costs associated with that, the negative impact that game day has on Pioneer Square and Chinatown and SODO are just an example of the kind of planning the state, county and city are known for. It was poor city planning that lost the Sonics. We are still paying off the Kingdome! For me the worst part is you are trading off a world class view for a basement with no windows. The whole city council should be replaced. Have you seen the newly designed and built City Hall? Wasn't cheap I can tell you that.
Jun 7, 2011 chapala21 joined My Stranger Face
Jun 7, 2011 chapala21 joined My Stranger Face
Jun 7, 2011 chapala21 commented on The One Thing All Viaduct Alternatives Have in Common.
The key element for me is the historic views. Views from street level are pedestrian..hahah. Elevated views are...elevated! We are in the habit lately of losing our elevated views. Seattle was built on the egalitarian premise of commonly held views; from the Pike Place Market, from the street corner, from highway to bridge to hilltop, Seattle kept the world class views open to the public. A retro-fitted Viaduct offers Seattle a world class view that if turned into a park and covered with ivy would be stunning. People laughed at bringing sand to Paris to line the Seine with an impromptu "beach" but its fantastic. The Hi-line in NYC was resisted and fought by all the major players who now love it. Hell here in seattle tearing down the Pike Place market was part of the civic "vision" of the era, but citizens with a different vision succeeded in fighting the tear down attitude and creating something wonderful out of what existed. To debate between tunnel or no tunnel is simply IMO to shortsighted. To ponder how to enjoy the natural beauty of Elliot Bay, that's the question. For me, a street level view of styrofoam containers floating in the muck of a waterfront park or pier is just not that "visionary". An elevated view must remain part of Seattle's heritage. A retrofitted and revitalized Viaduct has those solutions and more.