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@62 Theophilus - I wrote out a lengthy response, then noticed that you used "we" to refer to yourself and realized who you were, which is why I'm going to stop responding now.

@63 TheMisanthrope - she may be inching her way back into the spotlight, but that doesn't mean her opinion or actions will be heavily influential or shape policy, especially with the current administration in place. I personally think it's very unlikely that she would run for president again. If nothing else, she now has a track record of losing first to a little-known junior senator, and then losing again to the most unelectable person in history. Not exactly an encouraging sign. And other than a few tweets commenting on current social issues, I've seen nothing to indicate that Chelsea is looking to get into politics. I'd be very surprised if either of them ran for anything in 2020.
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@58 Theophilus - "And yet it was the Democraps who wrote off a quarter of the country as Irredeemable Deplorables."

Yep, Hillary said that. And I fully acknowledge that the biggest reason Trump won is because the Democrat Party arrogantly thought they could make history again by having the first woman president. But do you really want to go the route of "well SHE said..." when anyone who knows how to use Google can bring up dozens of quotes and incidents in which Trump insulted or ridiculed women, Hispanics, blacks, Asians, Muslims, people with disabilities, veterans, and just about every other minority and protected class out there? Cuz I'm sure all those people would add up to a lot more than a "quarter of the country."

It's also amazing how tenaciously people cling to the "but Hillary!" argument when Hillary is, for all intents and purposes, irrelevant now. Her opinions and actions matter about as much as my cat's. How about we talk about what the actual current president, whose words and actions DO matter, is doing?
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@96 Wandering Stars, I beg to differ, the Brits also gave us the Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling Festival, one of the most entertaining spectacles known to man, and Sir Terry Pratchett, a literary god amongst us mere mortals. :) Which is why, of course, the gods took him away from us far too soon, but I digress.

May I ask what exactly you hope to achieve by repeatedly telling everyone to eff off or go eff themselves? I ask because, from my perspective, it looks like you're trying to bully and insult people into apologizing to and/or agreeing with you, and I don't understand why you'd want to model your rhetoric after Donald Trump's.
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Sorry, that should have been @24, not 19.
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@19 CMD, "It was also known to have one of the highest rates of teenage suicide"

I think that has more to do with the enormous amounts of pressure that teenagers are put under to be academically successful than culture or sexualization, although there is a bit of romanticization involved as well (there was even a Japanese movie about mass suicides about 15 years ago, called Suicide Club). Korea has similarly high teen suicide rates, and when I lived there as a middle-to-high school student in the 90s, seeing teen suicides on the news was fairly common. It was almost always due to stress and pressure to conform to high standards and do well in school, in order to get into a good college. Most people are shocked when I talk about my time as a student there: weeks of all-nighters, frequent bleeding noses from stress, spending days in cram school and nights at the library, rote memorization of entire books, classmates freaking out and breaking down in tears because they missed three questions out of 200 and they were afraid that this meant they wouldn't get into the school of their choice. I lost contact with my best friend when I moved back to the US in tenth grade, and got a letter from her three years later, explaining that she'd been in a mental institution after she broke down from the stress of studying for college entrance exams. Another friend witnessed a suicide during her first year of high school, when an upperclassman leaped out the window head-first in the middle of a self-study session. Teen suicides usually involved jumping off of a building or in front of a train, or hanging, since it was often an impulsive decision stemming from someone finally snapping under pressure. One story that went around when I was in middle school was that a class rep hanged herself in the stairwell using her PE uniform pants, while the rest of the class headed outside for PE.

In contrast, I suspect sexual stuff in Japan - hentai, tentacle porn, erotica, bondage-play, etc - has a lot to do with the sexual and emotional repression in the culture (the latter has also been linked to suicide). Confucian-influenced cultures tend to be big on stoicism and modesty, so when repressed sexual feelings are given an outlet, they tend to overcompensate by making it kinky. Since suicide as a way of apology, atonement, restoring honor, and other myriads of reasons, is embedded deeply in the culture as well, I wouldn't be at all surprised if there's a niche market where the two are entwined.
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raindrop @9 and 15 - you can find nasty anecdotes about anyone with even the minutest degree of celebrity on Google. Google is a search engine, not a fact checker. While some may be true, some are just people exaggerating or making up stories for attention. You should know that by now, it's something people like you accuse "teh libs" of doing all the time.
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Xian-Qi @28 - "If she thinks it's okay to have that amount of debt -- and that most young Americans have the ability to even qualify for it -- shows some degree of being out of touch."

But that's not what she said. She was saying that she will be paying off her debt until she dies, but it's okay *for her* because it enabled her to get an education so she could follow the career of her choice. Nowhere did she imply that everyone should do the same, or even that it was normal.

I'm with Lance_Thrustwell @29. I generally don't read Tweetstorms like this because I prefer blog posts (and I freely admit that I skimmed most of this and outright skipped other parts), but her point is solid, and I understand why she chose this medium, even if I personally don't like it. A lot of people are very suspicious of education. I remember when Obama first ran for president, people scoffed at him for being "elitist" and uppity with his Ivy League education and experience as a Constitutional law professor at the University of Chicago. I couldn't help wondering why they thought having a highly-educated president was a bad thing, especially since George W. Bush's Yale education was touted as a good thing just eight years before.

More recently, when Donald Trump visited a local university in my area while campaigning, over 100 faculty and staff signed a petition saying they didn't want a racist, sexist person who exemplified dishonesty and hate to be given a platform on campus. People ridiculed them for being out-of-touch academics who live in ivory towers, away from the "real" people, and for being too stupid and elitist to recognize a great person when they see one. There's a huge perception in the US that university faculties don't understand the "real world" because they shut themselves away and take refuge in theories and artsy-farty stuff and keep their heads in the clouds. It wasn't that long ago that "absent-minded professor" was a stereotype, after all. In contrast, working with your hands supposedly keeps you "grounded" and "honest." (sidenote: tell that to the two auto mechanic shops, one of which was in a small Midwestern town that supposedly upheld "American values," who relentlessly tried to upsell unnecessary car parts to me)

I also can't count the number of times I've seen people ranting about "liberal universities brainwashing our children and pushing the liberal agenda and pussifying America" during the election season. Look at how universities are now reviled as places where kids are coddled with safe spaces and coloring books and puppies, regardless of whether they indulge in these or not.

It's the same social divide as anything else in this country, really - political, gender, religious, etc. People pick a side and forget that the people on the other side are humans just like them, who they'd probably get along with quite well if they met at a party, and that they probably have more in common with than differences.
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I know this is super-late, but I wanted to comment, since I grew up in a country with a similar background to LW's before moving back to the US as a teen. LW, if not for your age and probably your nationality, you could be my brother.

I think the most important advice I can give you is to not give up, and treat every interaction as a learning experience. Listen to what other people say, but think about it and reject what doesn't feel right to you. My brother and I lived in an extremely sexually-repressive Asian country - my middle school and high school had gender-separated classes, zero sex ed for girls (my brother, at least, got booklets that explained things like wet dreams and ejaculations), and my interactions with the opposite sex was pretty much limited to occasionally yelling at boys to get out of the way when they tried to mess with us in the hallways. My brother had it even worse - he went to an all-boys middle school, and when he came back to the US, my mother enrolled him in an all-boys Catholic school. So he had zero interaction with girls until he was in college, and by then he had no idea how to talk to or even approach girls. When he asked my mother for advice about talking to a cute girl on the beach, her response was that that wasn't the kind of girl he should like (she assumed the girl was a slut because she was wearing a bikini - that's how restrictive our culture was: rampant with slut-shaming and madonna/whore complexes). On top of that, he is very introverted and is not very social, and has a hard time talking to people he doesn't know.

Because he had no one to show him how to talk to girls or act as his wingman, he's now in his thirties and has had almost zero significant relationships. He goes on dates, but goes about it in entirely the wrong way, so it usually doesn't go past the first or second date.

A big part of the problem is that he doesn't understand that it's okay to be rejected. He's terrified of talking to a girl, lest she say something mean to him or publicly reject him. I have tried to encourage him to get out and just talk to girls until he's comfortable with it, and if they won't talk to him so what? Forget her and move on to the next girl, there are literally billions out there. He won't do it - either he finds girls on the Internet with free dating apps, or, on the few occasions that a girl has given him her phone number, he finds excuses to not call her (he won't say it, but he's afraid she won't be interested in him once she gets to know him). With the Internet girls, he inevitably seeks out girls with some kind of baggage or issues, since they're almost as desperate as he is and therefore unlikely to reject him. And just as inevitably, it doesn't work out because she has baggage and/or issues.

So my advice to you is the advice that I would give him: don't give up, even if you get rejected. Talk to girls, and learn what works and is comfortable for you. Learn what comes naturally and easily for you, and use it to your advantage. Even if you just start out saying something like "I'm new at this, so I'm sorry if it's the wrong thing to say, but..." you'll learn something. Be patient, it takes a while to learn. Ask friends for feedback. Don't be afraid to talk to someone - the worst that will probably happen is that they'll ignore you or brush you off, and if that happens, just respect that and move on. If not, chat a bit and ask for a phone number. If a relationship doesn't work out, try to learn from it.

If you date online, make your profile interesting and thoughtful, and start out slow - if you try to dazzle the girl on the first date, you might come off as desperate or like you're expecting something in return. My brother tries to arrange fancy dates all the time, and more often than not, it scares girls off. Just suggest coffee or a fun activity, like going to a local fair or a nice hike. Talk about things that interest you or that she has indicated interests her. And look up "Nice Guy Syndrome" to learn what NOT to do.

Good luck. I know the culture shock can be pretty extreme, but if you're patient and willing to learn, I'm sure you'll be fine. :)
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To add to what slinky @4 said, Buzzfeed interviewed some Florida Latino voters to ask why they voted for Trump:… Some of those voters, especially the ones who escaped Cuba and South American dictatorships, were wary of what they perceived as "Democrat = socialist" and voted for Trump because they saw what socialism did to their own countries. It doesn't matter what the facts are, if "socialist = bad and dictators stripping away rights" in someone's mind, you'll never be able to logic them out of it. After all, their experience is going to matter to them more than what anyone - especially someone who didn't go through what they went through - could possibly tell them.
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A screencap from their "practice" fight might work. Also found this, and thought it was pretty cool:…

Shame the avatar pics have to be so small, though.