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Sep 25 bozbozeman commented on Vulcan's False Forest Is Topped by Spencer Finch's Art.
Agreed. Walked through this afternoon. It looked like there was a reasonable spread for all attending. I did not take any.

It appeared like a nice design feature of the office space, but not like "art," per se. I liked it, though.

If it were a real plaza I feel like there should be shops to enter along the side, rather than two offices. It dooms everything to simply being a little nicer place to work for those folks. Thanks for the review.
May 13 bozbozeman commented on Hillary Clinton: "A Fucking Hawk And a Neocon".
I realize I would vote 100x for Elizabeth Warren before I voted for HRC.
May 1 bozbozeman commented on Conservative Militias Take Over Cliven Bundy's Town.
Only the mayor of Philly was willing to drop bombs on his own people.
Apr 23 bozbozeman commented on Another Ampersand.
Apr 21 bozbozeman commented on What's Going on with the Tip Credit/Tip Penalty?.
I'm glad Sawant is fighting hard on this. This is an idea worth fighting hard for.
Mar 10 bozbozeman commented on Now’s the Time to Officially File All of Your Cab Complaints.
Every time I hear "innovative" in terms of TNCs, I think of all the hedge fund lobbyists that have earned their gold stars.
Feb 14 bozbozeman commented on What Do You Think of the iWatch?.
Frankly, i'm worried about the privacy implications of an object that will have py oulse, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, blood glucose every five minutes recorded for eternity, uploaded to the Internet and available for perusal by the NSA.
Feb 10 bozbozeman commented on The Prison Guard's Dilemma.
@2 It's true, but those neighborhoods theoretically contribute to the whole of the city and keeps some middle class enclaves within the city. Also, I like Beverly and Jefferson Park.
Feb 3 bozbozeman commented on What's the Best Bad Thing You Watched on TV as a Kid?.
A brand new, CRISP 50 DOLLAR BILL!

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