Feb 9, 2012 irene10 commented on "Let me be the first one to say: My business will refuse to participate in a same-sex marriage ceremony," by Republican Representative Matt Shea of the Spokane Valley.
We need to be concerned about Shea, not only because of his bigoted stance on marriage equality (and open plan for discrimination), but also because of his believes on government, immigration and more. He is on the Southern Poverty Law Center's "Dirty Dozen" list:

Feb 1, 2012 irene10 commented on Sen. Ed Murray: "We'll be finished tonight, even if we're here when the sun comes up.".
Thanks Gloomy Gus, couldn't figure out why TVW wasn't streaming. And, we wait.
Feb 1, 2012 irene10 commented on Senate Gallery Filling Up as Gay Marriage Vote Approaches.
Nothing is streaming on the TVW site. Anyone got a feed?
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Jun 10, 2011 irene10 commented on Did They Learn Nothing From Monicagate?.
I don't agree Dan that Weiner should stay. And, I am neither a weak democrat nor a republican. The Daily Best has an interesting editorial, worth considering:

"Women should be able to “friend” a married—or unmarried—congressman on Facebook or follow him on Twitter without fear of being the recipient of lewd talk or behavior. Just because a woman “likes” your video on Facebook doesn’t mean you can send her a picture of your penis. This is textbook sexual harassment. It may not be illegal, but it’s definitely unethical. He is in a position of influence, and many women—especially a 21-year-old—would be afraid to report a congressman doing that to them because he holds so much power."