Chuggers leave me the fuck alone
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Jun 11, 2011 Chuggers leave me the fuck alone commented on Dear Street Canvassers, Stop..
Although well intentioned, a survey of the above comments misses the point of the article.

The above comments/arguments posit: Whether chuggers get paid or not, whether commission is high/low, whether the cause is worthy/not worthy, it's a hard job, blah blah blah ad nauseum as justification for chuggers horrid aggressive public behavior

The above arguments both for and against chuggers commit informal fallacy of the Kettle type: using multiple inconsistent arguments to defend a position.

The main point of the article, which some of the comments miss, is the aggression of the chuggers. Some of the comments imply that because the chuggers are doing charity work, all is fair game in how they do their job. They can block my way, they can corral me, they can impede my traffic by whatever means they deem necessary because it's for a noble cause, because chuggers have to work too, blah blah blah. And this most incoherent argument from above: chuggers have the right to intrude into my personal space on the (all knowing and incorrect) assumption that I have white collar job. WTF?

Chuggers, your egregiously aggressive approach violates the social contract of basic decent behaviour in a public space: do not harass one's neighbors. Set up a fucking table. Stay out of my way and leave me the fuck alone. Keep your limbs to your fucking self and out of my fucking face.

Again, Chuggers, leave me the fuck alone
Jun 10, 2011 Chuggers leave me the fuck alone joined My Stranger Face
Jun 10, 2011 Chuggers leave me the fuck alone commented on Dear Street Canvassers, Stop..
If the chuggers just stood there, fine; but they don't. They're exceedingly aggressive, as aggressive as some downtown panhandlers: they stand in my way, try to corral me with their hands. They try to engage me with provocative one-line teases. Do the charities these chuggers are acting on-behalf of know how their agents are acting, offending the very people they want money from?

In downtown, at every block, I am put in the position of having to say no at least 1 dozen times. There is no need to make a distinction because they are a charity. It is irrelevant how much the chuggers pocket and how much goes to charity. If 90% went to the charity, I would be no more charitable to the chuggers. They're tactics are offensive. Chuggers, leave me the fuck alone; get out of my fucking way.

Now, I tell them to get their fucking arm away from me and other bon mots. I wear a scowl on my face that implies to the them I should be the last person that they should want to stop. I walk next to the curb to avoid them. Chuggers, again, leave me the fuck alone; get out of my fucking way.

Chuggers, leave me the fuck alone, the onus should not be on me to say a damn word. If I want to engage, I will.

Chuggers, stay the fuck away from me, stay the fuck out of my way. You have been warned,