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Jun 25, 2011 Campbelllovesbarrymore commented on Racist Queers.
this article is talking to the white gay racist out there, rather then saying every white gay person is racist, right? If I'm wrong and the author is saying the latter, that's the most outrageous thing I've read in a long long time, and he should be held to account.
Jun 25, 2011 Campbelllovesbarrymore commented on Homophobes.
isn't the church the main reason this hateful bigotry still exists in the world today? I think they might be ' doing it wrong'...
Jun 23, 2011 Campbelllovesbarrymore commented on Concessions.
Great stuff lindy, although I wish you wouldn't use the word spaz so much, its a bit derogatory don't you think?
Jun 11, 2011 Campbelllovesbarrymore joined My Stranger Face
Jun 11, 2011 Campbelllovesbarrymore commented on Dear Street Canvassers, Stop..
yes, they get paid! They get paid to to get people to sign up to worthy causes. What does everyone else do on here? Work in a bank, or for the government, or for a newspaper. Give up your day job and volunteer full time for a charity, then you can give out to these people or give them a little card...