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6:17 AM yesterday cockyballsup commented on Savage Love.
In my experience, pot is addictive for sex. Once you have become used to getting your mind blown by earth-shattering trippy tantric marathon pot sex, sober sex can become such a pale imitation that it isn't even worth the effort anymore.

So yes, I am dependent on it in the sense that if I am traveling and don't have access to pot, or if I am with a person who isn't 420-friendly, I feel like I can't even enjoy sex.
Dec 2 cockyballsup commented on Savage Love.
Regarding orgasm from fellatio, I tend to have difficulty with that, though in my experience (somewhat extensive) a small minority of people (less than 1 in 10) have the "magic" mouth that doesn't feel anything like a normal mouth. I've never been able to put my finger on what the difference is and I've never been able to convert any lover from non-magic to magic via requests for changes in technique (e.g., asking for more tongue). My best guess is that it has to do with differences in the texture of the tongue.
Dec 1 cockyballsup commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: We Will Never Get Closure On CLOSURE.
Counseling is overrated in my opinion. In my experience, rehashing the whole trauma with a counselor week after week just makes it all more painful and delays healing. Barring big problems, like thoughts of self-harm, there is something to be said for repression, recreational drugs, and spending your money on travel instead.
Dec 1 cockyballsup commented on Savage Love.
Funny that everyone focuses on the problem with not bathing daily being the smell of the penis, when far worse is the fecal smell you can surely detect in the entire downstairs neighborhood.
Dec 1 cockyballsup commented on Savage Love.
Pot can backfire if you have a tendency to get "caught up in your own head." I love pot with sex at its best, but at its worst pot can make sexual insecurities and anxieties spiral out of control.
Nov 28 cockyballsup commented on How Green Is My Recount?.
@33, Wandering Stars, I agree with most of your analysis and I support Jill Stein, but I disagree with your characterization of the Democratic party as "liberal." The Dems are a center-right party, they are about as liberal as the U.K.'s Conservative Party, i.e., not at all. Likewise, the Green Party's platform is far from being socialistic - the Greens are more or less what counts as a liberal party in the rest of the world.
Nov 27 cockyballsup commented on Army Corps Says It Will Break Up Standing Rock Camp by December 5, Proposes "Free Speech Zone" Instead.
As a naturalized immigrant, I may have missed this civics lesson, so maybe someone can educate me. Is the U.S. military actually empowered to fight U.S. civilians on U.S. territory, and under what circumstances? And why is the U.S. military working on behalf of a private company?
Nov 27 cockyballsup commented on How Green Is My Recount?.
@LavaGirl, Australia appears to have the better system, I agree. Which means that Australian voters are actually to blame for your perpetual right-wing government that nobody seems to be able to get rid of. At least here in the states we can take solace in the fact that Hillary won the majority of the vote, so the system we have a unfairly frustrating the popular will.
Nov 18 cockyballsup commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: The Loneliest Flip-Flopper In Seattle.
In my experience, most cities in this country have an absolute glut of bottoms, and good tops are in high demand. I can't imagine Seattle being that different. Maybe the LW should consider the possibility that he himself is the common factor in these relationship fails.