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1:46 PM cockyballsup commented on The Everlasting Death of Capitol Hill.
All these older established white married cis gays bragging about not needing cheaper gay/alt neighborhoods/bars/sex spaces any more now your your wealth and families insulate you from the need and your upscale neighborhoods are so accepting of other wealthy "diverse" people blind you to the realization that this "now widespread" safety and acceptance is pretty much still limited to the wealthier areas.

Just put yourselves in the shoes of a younger single gay/trans person who maybe would like to find a way to live within easy access of gay social spaces and can't buy his way into all those accepting and safe wealthier neighborhoods. Like, uh, maybe yourself 20 years ago?
1:16 PM cockyballsup commented on I, Anonymous.
That is one hot bubble butt. If it is a good representation of you, OP, just take that to Steamworks and us locals will indeed be grateful you're here.
3:24 PM yesterday cockyballsup commented on I, Anonymous.
You all tell this to the Duwamish who were ethnically cleansed out of Seattle for you. Real Seattleites indeed.
Aug 12 cockyballsup commented on Savage Love.
Correction, the comments link does appear in IE after all, but is on top of the "Share on Twitter" button, so it is very hard to find. It doesn't show on Firefox at all, but that may be because I adblocked Facebook/Twitter.
Aug 12 cockyballsup commented on Savage Love.
By the way, the link for comments has disappeared from desktop IE and Firefox. The only way I can see comments is via my phone.
Aug 12 cockyballsup commented on Savage Love.
Hunter, sorry to disappoint, but despite my somewhat randomly chosen username i am rather (disappointingly to some) unkinky in bed.
Aug 12 cockyballsup commented on Savage Love.
@ricardo, not where i am. Here Manhunt, like Adam and other sites, has mostly potato-shaped guys. On the other side, at least here it isn't particularly for white guys.
Jul 28 cockyballsup commented on Savage Love.
@Philophile, passively browsing CL for penis pics (which I agree is like porn and unproblematic) is not really comparable to maintaining an active profile on a hookup app.
Jul 27 cockyballsup commented on Savage Love.
Since HAPPY was apparently born yesterday, let me point out from the point of view of a man that no, we don't keep active profiles for an "ego boost." That's not really how most men get their jollies. It is only the first excuse that occurs to us when we are caught out.

Jun 23 cockyballsup commented on Savage Love.
@Ms Cute, @Mr Venn, thank you deeply.

@Lavagirl, what an apropos song; how bittersweet to listen to it again. It captures that feeling so well.

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