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Nov 17, 2012 pirate_wench commented on Savage Love.
I made my (12-year) boyfriend register to vote in this state to add one more vote to this cause. As an Atheist-straight-independent-feminist woman with no interest in marriage I would prefer there be no state sponsored marriage at all for anybody (i.e. everything should be a domestic partnership/civil union as marriage is a product of religion). Since we have it and it's here to stay, I definitely want it available to all consenting adults and I celebrate being a citizen of one of the first states to vote for equality. I agree it is ridiculous that people's human rights are even put to a vote. Since that is where we are, I can't help but be proud of Washington and feel privileged for the opportunity to help make a difference. We must end DOMA for this to be a true end to discrimination. p.s. Despite being straight, I am no breeder. Just call me happily unmarried and child-free.
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Jun 14, 2011 pirate_wench commented on Dear Street Canvassers, Stop..
I say give them a penny and demand a receipt for your donation, (the federal government now requires a receipt for all charitable donations no matter how small in order to write it off)

Also, sick of Safeway asking me to donate to whatever that month's charity is by rounding up my change. If Safeway wants to donate some of it's corporate profits, by all means. Have at it. I, however, have my own charities that I care about and budget for, and even if it's "only 36 cents" I don't care. You're not even matching it, and it's not what I'm there for. This goes for all stores that try to get my money for charity at the check out counter.