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Jun 14, 2011 douknowwho? commented on Dear Street Canvassers, Stop..
This is silly. People like charity, and the people who like giving to affect people like people. Having a person to present the charity is a lovely way to get involved particularly because heart to heart face to face is a stellar way to have these orgs presented. Familiar or not it's an opportunity to get involved and nobody has to stop or do it but those that want to get to in a savvy, cost efficient, plesant and personal way. These NGOs invest innthis medium of fundraisig actually because it's the MOST cost efficient method of fundraising. Be powerful, stop if u want, don't f u don't. Enjoy the fact that you get to :) not all cities in America have this resource. (face to face street fundraising) And not all nations have toilets to flush or clean water to drink. I love learning about charities, do not love junk mail and think fundraisers are an asset & that probably we can all e respectful