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Jun 15, 2011 Alvin commented on Dear Street Canvassers, Stop..
WOW. You guys can't be serious. I am ashamed as an American to read this article.

As a person from seattle who's signed up for EVERY charity i donate to on the street because of my good experiences and my research of their efficiency, you mr holden, make me laugh and want to punch you in the face at the same time.You are a very small percentage of seattle. this is the most generous city in the USA. Most people i know who donate have done so on the street very happily and have been proud supporters for years both of our local fundraisers, their passion, and their causes, and I happily greet them when I see them.

There are street canvassers out there who are actually really fun and respectful, I talk to them regularly.
They're non-comissioned and most of them fully support their cause and don't treat you badly no matter what, you're just blowing up your frustration. How is it such a progressive city has people lumping all professionals into one category, i'm so sorry to burst your bubble guys but there are bad businessman and supreme ones in every field. And every one of you who is going to refuse to talk to ANY street rep because of bad experiences, u obviously are not serious about wanting to help anyway and will use this as a crutch rather then telling the aggressive ones to fuck off and listening to the respectful and RESPECTED ones. Some of these issues are actually very pressing, and we can do our part to solve them, but we also should choose wisely which charities and fundraising companies to support. That's my thought on street fundraisers.

I actually looked up the way the non-commissioned fundraising companies work, they have a zero tolerance policy for rude behavior, and these guys never cost the charity money, in fact they bring in more help than any other type of fundraising. use your head, if they did do you think a NON-PROFIT would have them out on the street as representation? COME ON. I don't however support the commissioned fundraisers, their companies do actually cost the charity money.

So mr. holden Way to encourage a healthy society, way to battle passive aggressive bs with a coupon, that's not passive aggressive at all. do u feel your balls shrinking? i think u announced the answer to that yourself in your stinkin article. yes. some are fundraisers are good and some are bad. so how dare you try to speak for all of seattle just because you can't stand up for yourself. take your own passive aggressive bs and eat it. that's putting it nicely. u wanted to battle aggression with aggression.

Meanwhile, I will continue to support the people who do their job well in representing a cause i support, because they are sent out there BY THAT CHARITY precisely to talk to the people who do give a shit. I will continue to tell the assholes to fuck off, and address the problem where it matters, just like in any other situation. I encourage the rest of the WORLD, not just this city, to do the same. Please don't shun an entire organization/cause because of a personal day-to-day discomfort that can easily be overcome. That's just so so selfish. and petty. and you're a jackass and a sheep if you do.

To all of you who are upset or feel misinformed- do your research and grow a pair. u live in the land of the free.

And to you mr. holden, next time you deal with a shitty fundraiser, find out who their employer is, contact said employer AND the charity, and DO something productive about it.
Don't you dare try to represent the good people of seattle with the very passive aggressive, hindering bullshit that u bothered to complain about, the well-mannered fundraisers are good people just like us to take the job very seriously actually make a huge positive change for the charity that hired them, so you are also saying you won't support their number one way of sustainability. Congratulations, you are a hypocrite and it bothers me that u even live in my beloved city. You obviously just wanted to complain, and didn't really want to solve the problem. You have lost any respect I could have had for you as an individual, and i know I'm not the only one who's pissed you opened your mouth and threw up rather than being constructive. way to go. And you, Stranger, i used to respect your newspaper, lately I've seen more and more self-centered emotional bitching articles that I wish I hadn't taken the time to read. This one takes the cake.