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Nov 28, 2014 A Magnolia Heron commented on The Morning News: What Happened When Council Member Sally Clark Hit a Bicyclist.
I have been riding and racing bicycles for over 12 years, and I commute 99 percent of the time by bike. Three years ago, I was hit by a car. T-boned by the car actually when they ran a stop sign (side street coming on to Nickerson). Even though I had the right of way (i.e. I was just riding down the road, no stop or yield signs for me) I was cited for "excessive speed" (I was going 25 mph as verified by my GPS). My leg was also broken, and the cop took no statement from me and automatically assumed it was my fault. I found out on my fifth day in the hospital that I was cited for fault in the incident. The driver also lied about what really happened, which he later retracted during a third deposition by my lawyer and completely admitted he lied because he was scared about what he had done. What did I learn throughout this process? That Seattle could give fuck all about bicyclists and that most drivers who encounter bicycles in this way are pieces of shit who are looking to blame the cyclist because they don't want to take responsibility for hurting someone.

That said, there is no way this person deserves 2.5 million unless they actually lost their leg as a result of the accident (which is possible, if the break was bad enough, but not likely). It sounds ridiculous, but there is a pretty much a standard set by insurance companies based on how much they pay out for certain injuries in nearly every circumstance you can think of. My particular incident was a range of 60k to 120k, and my injury was serious. Tibial plateau fracture that required I spend five months on crutches after a sizeable plate was put into my leg. The future of my leg and knee are unknown in terms of arthritis/knee replacement as I age (certainly doesn't make those things less likely). But, even as someone who has lived through this, 2.5 million is fucking ridiculous. Even I can admit that, if I had to put a number on my "suffering", it would still be nowhere near 2.5 million.

Finally, to all of you who insist on calling bikes "children's toys" while insisting that we bicyclists cant even agree on what is a good design for roads you can fuck right off. Bikes arent going anywhere so you need to fucking deal with it. Stop being crybaby fucks. This shit is infuriating from any standpoint. You can keep getting uppity about how childish bikes are, or you can occasionally take four fucking seconds out of your day to look out for someone else's well being. People that ride bikes are people. People that have families, husbands, wives, children, and friends. No matter what you think about the "politics" of bikes in Seattle, you should think about the safety of those around you. The next time you go down a street with inconvenient or even dangerous bike/car routing, be the bigger person who slows down and makes sure to not injure or kill a fellow human because you were unable to pause for another few seconds to make sure your shitbox car doesn't hit some biker or pedestrian.

Sep 24, 2014 A Magnolia Heron commented on Seattle "Lifestyle Boutique" Hosts Free (!?) Cannabis-Infused Coffee Tastings.
If you don't already know about a few cups of french press and a nice bowl on a sunday morning, you have been doing it all wrong.
Sep 3, 2014 A Magnolia Heron commented on Savage Love.
LW1: While your wife's anger at past porn viewing is utterly ridiculous to say the least, I think the bigger issue is the way she treats you in public situations. If she is truly yelling at you when she perceives you looking at other women (or on television, seriously!) you are in a kind of abusive relationship. Continual yelling like that for specific, unreasonable perceptions IS emotional abuse. I was in a relationship where this exact scenario played out (we weren't married, but together for 4 years) and I only realized I was being abused emotionally when I finally got out of the relationship. In the relationship, I began to question myself, my integrity, etc. to the point of seeking out therapy to unravel all this shit I was beginning to perceive as something wrong with me when, in reality, my gf was actually being abusive relative to issues surrounding sexuality and her own body image that she needed to work out. So, DTMFA unless you want to keep dealing with this shit.
Dec 14, 2012 A Magnolia Heron commented on The Past Year in Mass Shootings in the United States: A Timeline.

What do you suppose is a more likely outcome: A, that we have much stricter rules on guns and who can obtain them, or, B, that we somehow find a way to get to fix the infinite number of causes that amalgamate to produce these acts?
Oct 25, 2012 A Magnolia Heron commented on HUMP! 2012 Update.
Seriously #2? You are complaining about that picture. Wow. What has the world come to when we start complaining about a little bottom-boob and a hot dude with his shirt off. Jesus christ.
Sep 17, 2012 A Magnolia Heron commented on Today the State Auditor Found Another $1.3 Million Mismanaged by Seattle Public Schools—Paging School Board President Michael DeBell!.

The school officials have friends who are contractors. They tell those friends they should put in a crazy bid because they will push it through. The job only costs a tenth of what they charge, the excess is then split between the school officials who approved the bid and the contractor. It's not like the school district is being taken advantage of here. Officials in the school district are stealing money via a third party.
Apr 4, 2012 A Magnolia Heron commented on The Bicycle Ticket That Won't Go Away (or, the Social Production of Indifference).
Dude, you paid it late. Waiting two weeks is too long. The postal service is not responsible for making sure it gets there when it should, you are responsible for getting it to the postal service with enough time for them to get it there. And, dont go arguing there is something wrong with the postal service because everyone fucking knows there is something wrong with the postal service. If you wanted that shit there on time you would use FedEx or UPS expedited. \
Apr 3, 2012 A Magnolia Heron commented on Mike Daisey and Kony2012 Cut from the Same Cloth?.
It seems to me the recent developments with FoxConn and Apple would be a good counter-argument. As much as I dislike Mike Daisey and think he is a lying sack of shit, who knows if this would have happened without him: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/03/30/techno….

I suppose this probably would have happened anyway, but would not have been so prevalent in our media.
Feb 28, 2012 A Magnolia Heron commented on Etymology of the Day: Niggardly.
@1 Or, the clerk and store patrons will continue about their business because they already know they etymology of the word. You actually made quite a racist assumption there, way to go.
Feb 28, 2012 A Magnolia Heron commented on Occupiers Overtake Mayor's Office.
Given this is actually a form of protest directed at the correct authority in the correct forum, I assert this cannot possibly be occupy.

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