Oct 6, 2015 ogbog commented on Seahawks Win Weird Game Weirdly.
Hey Stranger, you should post this comic I drew, which involves both Fanduel and the Oregon mass shooting.

Aug 24, 2015 ogbog commented on I Went to the Hugo Awards in Spokane This Weekend. Here's What I Saw..
And now some long-winded rants about how, technically, the spanking of the Sad Puppies was technically a victory for them, while MRA posters quietly, tearfully delete the victory speeches they hoped to post on the internet. HAHAHA SPANK SPANK SPANK! Breathe deeply from the SJW victory farts as they fill your mouths. Big stinky farts of social justice. Are those tears from the acrid fart clouds filling vanquished eyes, or just tears of sadness?

Nov 17, 2014 ogbog commented on We're Counting HUMP! Ballots.
Can I file a complaint about HUMP? There was the one downside to my experience.

Picture it. A room full of people, about to watch porn that, as the disclaimer put it, you would not normally go home and watch on Xtube. Just by sitting in the audience, these people have agreed to implied consent that they're comfortable with their own sexuality, and not scared of humanity's strangest sexual frontiers. In fact, they embrace it! They deserve some credit for that bravery.

Then the film runs. Great stuff! In fact, there's not just one, but TWO films with sing-along parts. Terrific! What a fun idea. My wife and I belt along to Journey and the Sound of Music....


nobody else sings.

Seriously? Clown fisting is fine, but singing in public scares you?

Those film-makers and performers did some wonderful work. Next time give them the joyful embrace they deserve. HUMP is full of bouncing balls, but the musical ones get no love.
Oct 30, 2014 ogbog commented on Totally True Horror Story.
So good.
Sep 20, 2014 ogbog commented on Saturday Comic.
The stranger printing gold like this is why Matt Groening is a millionaire. Please keep it up.
Jul 27, 2014 ogbog commented on Sunday Comic.
Why is this a comic? No artistic effort has been made, no talent has been exhibited. Why not just have this be the text paragraph of the day?

If you fired the guy making these editorial decisions, and instead let an unpaid intern choose the comics, you could save a lot of money and greatly increase the value of your paper.
Jun 18, 2014 ogbog commented on Kwiz Korner!.
Wow, now my deleted mystery-comment could be all sorts of offensive things.
Jun 18, 2014 ogbog commented on Kwiz Korner!.
Oh crap, I had instant remorse and can't delete my own comment. Mods, help!
Jun 18, 2014 ogbog commented on Kwiz Korner!.
Jun 3, 2014 ogbog commented on Police Beat: Officer Runs Over Cat.
"I, uh...ran over the homeless guy. With my bullets. It was unavoidable."