Jun 21, 2011 trolley commented on Savage Love Episode 244.
I was going to say that I wished you had let him get to the subject of women's fantasies. Now I'm glad that you didn't.

Exhibit A: http://eruthros.dreamwidth.org/273840.ht…

Exhibit B: http://www.fanhistory.com/wiki/SurveyFai…

Etc: http://linkspam.dreamwidth.org/5800.html

tl;dr - Ogas buys into the social lie that "women like flowers and romance and don't like looking at dicks - it's biology," and consistently ignored what his potential research subjects tried to tell him.
Jun 21, 2011 trolley commented on Bristol Palin: Levi Raped Me.
I have very little doubt that things *basically* occurred as she said - these type of deflowerings are all too common, as others have pointed out. I doubt she understands that it looks like rape. (She never calls it that.) She probably blamed herself and did the Christian thing - which is agreeing to marry the man-child who took advantage of you, so that your parents won't be humiliated by your teen pregnancy. Why isn't this connecting for anyone else? Why isn't it connecting for Dan? That happens all the time, and I have no doubt it happens in Palin Country.

Thanks for the valuable reality-check, #102.
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