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6:04 PM yesterday Foonken2 commented on Sony Now Says It Will Not Release The Interview in Any Form.
well thats the war on terror won then.
Dec 10 Foonken2 commented on Report 5: Defendant Admits to Kicking Homeless Man's Stuff, Says, "I Didn't Assault Anyone.".
i can tell u 365 days is 365/366ths of leap year.
Dec 9 Foonken2 commented on Report 4: At Trial of Firefighters Accused of a Hate Crime, Talk of Being "Provoked".
I wouldn't be able to recollect how many IPAs I'd drunk after two or three, never mind how dynamically I was walking.

Dec 8 Foonken2 commented on The Morning News: SPD Officer Who Punched a Handcuffed Woman in the Back of a Police Car Won't Be Charged.
I just find it hard to believe that the SPD training for dealing with intoxicated people acting belligerently is to punch them in the face.
Dec 7 Foonken2 commented on The Best of Slog: Plenty of Protests, a Ban on Female Ejaculation, and Local Movie Theaters Face Big Changes.
@3, are you implying that police should sink to the level of criminals? you should have more repect for proffesionalism.
Dec 4 Foonken2 commented on Someday You Might Not Have to Wait Forever to Report Your Stolen iPhone—But No One Knows When That Day Will Come.
Sorry what. Find my toys is not the same as save this persons life.

Nov 14 Foonken2 commented on Who Makes Seattle’s Best Sandwich Now?.
was sad about Paseo but this article reminded me that a cheesesteak with cheddar; just meat and cheese, is a GREAT sarnie. Love TATs, saves me from a crap day at work .
Nov 4 Foonken2 commented on The Bowler Hat Is the New Fedora.
hatters gonna hat
Oct 2 Foonken2 commented on Tao Lin Accused of Abuse and Literary Theft.
Lin's work has become increasingly less abstract and deals increasingly more with his experience of the human condition. Richard Yates clearly was full of hardly edited dumps from gchat it.

I agree with @5, it's pretty upsetting that he went that way. Not cool.

I love his works, but to find out he's a 1 (or probably 5) percenter last year, then this.......

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