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I am an out (to friends and family, not to coworkers) bi chick, and I have no problem being out -- no shortage of supportive awesome friends who don't care which gender I'm sleeping with.

And yet (perhaps paradoxically), I'm also a person who kinda hates when other bi people (particularly those in long-term opposite sex relationships) go on and on and on and BORING ON about the fact that they're bi, as if to put a stake in the ground of their queer identity so no one forgets how interesting they are. I think most non-queers non-allies assume bi-dom is ridiculous/childish/a conceit (maybe some queers and allies assume this also), and crowing about how queer you are when you're married-with-kids to an opposite sex person is just, uh, annoying.

I've got a touch of the internalized biphobia, perhaps. But if I'm currently dating a dude, beyond telling him my stance, I'm not going to blather on to anyone who will listen about how bi I am. It actually feels like a devaluation of the homo plight, somehow.