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Jun 23, 2011 brufanegra joined My Stranger Face
Jun 23, 2011 brufanegra commented on Bisexuals.
I agree that more bisexuals need to come out. There are many living in opposite-sex marriages/relationships that don't feel a connection the LGT community. I will give you that but don't try to act all innocent in this shit. You are considered one of the most influential gay people in this country and your words matter. Each time you tell a bi-identified teen "Talk to me in 5 years and let's see where you stand then", you are intentionally erasing his identity. This is just as damaging as telling a gay kid that being gay is wrong. You need to own up to that and not try to make us look like a bunch of whiny bisexuals. So nice try Dan, but you're still on my shit list.