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Apr 24, 2012 bigirl777 commented on Savage Love Episode 288.
OMG, Neal Boulton's advice was really not very helpful. I'm out and bi for many years and I disagree EXTREMELY with this idea that bisexuals have double the amount of possibilities out there to be attracted to other people besides their partner. It's Woody Allen's comment times ten. I think my bisexuality helps me to be more discriminating because I'm only interested in people who are open and accepting of my sexuality and that don't listen to biphobic crap like this in the culture. And I know plenty of other bis who feel very discriminating. And then Boulton says that people who want to date bisexuals need to be aware of this issue that bi people will have more opportunities. Garbage. Thanks for ratcheting up the biphobia out there, Neal, for no good reason.
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Jun 23, 2011 bigirl777 commented on Bisexuals.
First of all, I don't agree with your premise that most bis end up with different sex partners; that's not my experience at all. I know many bis in long-term same-sex couples, but externally they are often misinterpreted as two gay men or two lesbians.

And when you mention the Williams Institute stats and say that those bis need to come out I'd have to say that many of those people are out, but often they are out as gay or lesbian just to survive in an extremely biphobic community. In a confidential survey they can self-identify but in their own circles they may not feel supported enough to do that. And, frankly, Dan, it's partly due to some of the ignorant myths you and others perpetuate about bis.

I've been out as bi for over 20 years and am active in the political bi community and the LGBT community generally. I have had so many "gay" and "lesbian" people tell me over the years about their different sex relationships and desires, and they are not fluctuating teens but adults in their 20s or 30s or older.

We need to create a climate where all people can feel supported enough to come out in their true identities: bi, gay or lesbian. Dan, I really hope you can open your perspective up even wider to help that happen.