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Out and authentically-living bisexual woman with a transgender legacy I am one of THOSE Bisexuals… more »

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Let's see, where do I begin...
Who reads this shit? Man I forgot that the last time I clicked a link to an article by you I was so disappointed I figured you were a podunk blog writer with a palpable biphobic slant. What a complete waste of time. Your argument that, when a teenage boy declares himself to be bisexual that you don't buy it begs the question: What happens when a similar teenage boy declares himself to be gay? Is this second boy equally naive about his sexuality? It appears from your (il)logic that, as you believe bisexuality is a dubious identity, that the first boy isn't yet fully aware of his sexuality while the second boy is quite astute and mature for his age.
What I mostly get from your writings about bisexuals is that it is all about you and your uncomfortable relationship with the bisexual community. If I as an open and out bisexual activist in Utah ever took your column seriously I could see myself being offended. Instead, I see it only illuminates the fact of your biphobia and your persistent attempts to discredit and further marginalize those of us who actually live authentically with ourselves, our relationships, and in the world around us... and who are comfortable enough in our own sexual orientation to simply accept and not judge when anyone else defines their sexual orientation as something different than our "gadar" indicates.