Sep 8, 2011 Emaline commented on Savage Love.

I'm a 23 bi female, and though I do not typically go for ladies older than me, you sound pretty awesome, so I am willing to make an exception.

Currently, I am dating a man, and we would like a lady to occasionally share our bed. I want a super awesome best friend girlfriend "let's all go on a fun date at the arcade and then a movie and then some wine at home" sort of a lady friend.

I realize that maybe this isn't quite what you want, but if you are willing to consider this option, I would also be totally down with finding you a dude as well, while we three party it up.

What do you say?
Jun 27, 2011 Emaline commented on Bisexuals.
Man, how many people here are biphobic?

Also, #7 you've got some severe problems, and are an ass.

Also, I'm a bi/pansexual girl, and I love Dan Savage. I don't think he is biphobic.
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Jun 24, 2011 Emaline commented on Savage Love.
Dan, I remember recently, you said something about loving cupcakes and cocks, and I was instantly reminded of something awesome a friend of mine made. Behold: The Cupcock!…