Oct 11, 2012 onyx commented on New York City Shows Us How It's Done.
who said the bike "lanes" in NYC are working? many of them outside of midtown are just shared lanes with cars, cars and cyclists ignore all traffic laws and nearly hit pedestrians all the time and in general have just made the city streets more congested an more dangerous. Many of these bike lanes and split lanes have been badly thought out and poorly executed. You're just posting a pic of one of the nice ones. lol
I'd much rather ride my motorcycle here than a bicycle, and for the record... I've nearly been hit by many more bicycles than by cars.
Jul 10, 2012 onyx commented on SL Letter of the Day: Foreplay for Assholes.
FFNF~ even if you think this guy looks hot (I sure don't!) that isn't enough for good sex. Chances are you are not having issues with "vaginal dryness"... you just aren't getting turned on. You can find someone better, someone that can turn you on quickly for those quickies.
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Jun 27, 2011 onyx commented on Bisexuals.
I find this terribly frustrating. I'm bi, I'm out to most people, I just marched in the NYC pride parade. and I'm in an opposite sex marriage. The only real problems I've had is from the gay/lesbian community. how much more out am I supposed to be? when yet another lesbian laughs off my sexuality and basically accuses me of lying how much am I supposed to fight them? I've done it for many many years (I'm in my 40s) and all it gets me is marginalized (at best) in the gay community. I've heard this story again and again from other bisexual people. So, honestly, I just reject Dan's idea that basically its our fault, that if we were out more we wouldn't have these problems. We are out and its absolutely true that all it gets us is criticism.