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Jun 27, 2011 sbot22 commented on Bisexuals.
As a bi-guy, I like girls (bi-girls are best)-as far as relationships&love go. Hooking up with very selective straight men on the condition that women are involved is great but honesty so rare it only happens once in a few years. Does that make me "bi"?
Otherwise I don't like just sex with men, especially gay men. I also don't appreciate gay men trying to touch me at pride. You give a little support and they try and rape you with their hands. I would never touch a woman like that. How many times do I have to explain to my gay friends I don't like them in a sexual way, and it will never happen-I'm just being gay positive, and like their friendship. Respect my boundaries!
Regardless I have no interest in "coming out" to anyone I'm not sexually involved with. I like oral sex, do I need to profess that to my parents? I don't identify with my sexuality, I just like sex. It's nobody's business unless they're potential partners. I don't want to hold hands with another man in public. I'm not that bi but if he has a girlfriend I might be down to fuck them both.