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Jun 27, 2011 skyeambrose joined My Stranger Face
Jun 27, 2011 skyeambrose commented on Bisexuals.
so many good comments. i must follow up with yet another 'type': i personally know a guy who likes his 'straight' label. He let's everyone know he is straight, however, he doesn't like vagina. He loves women. He likes to get into relationships with them, but then can't follow through. He LOVES cock. He prefers transsexual women, but will enjoy males now and again. Something I've noticed however, is that regardless who the individual is that his attention is on, its almost NEVER about the whole person, and only about the cock. I've often thought he should be in a relationship with a disembodied penis. It would bring him the most satisfaction and happines. He won't bond or develop emotional ties or connctions to a male, however. He can only emotionally bond with females. Strangest thing I've ever witnessed, but being his best friend I simply can't judge. He is a great person, and I sympathize. I can't imagine the life he faces, the challenges. Is he bi? I don't think that can be said for sure. In my opinion, no. Bisexual implies the ability, and desire to have SEX with both genders. If you can only have sex with one type of genitalia, that takes you out of the bisexual loop. I think new terminology must always be coined. If you can only bond and date one gender, and have sex with the other gender, then what should one call you? other than human?

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