Female, west coast, Lesbian, single.

Jun 27, 2011 meg2110 commented on Bisexuals.
Jake 123- you made my point for me. People are too hostile to listen. For the record I am a Lesbian, I have in 20+ years only had real relationships with women. I am pretty much using men just for sex because when you sleep with a guy and don't call in the morning, most men think they've won the lottery. Women aren't like that. Long term, I am that way myself, but right now, I have a sick father, my mom died in March, and I've got to get my son ready for college next year. My plate is very full and I don't have time for people who expect things from me that I don't have it in me to give.
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Jun 27, 2011 meg2110 commented on Bisexuals.
I don't think I could. I am a hard 5 on the Kinsey scale, and identifying as bi would make me undatable to Lesbians.
I have never been in a LTR with a man, BUT in between them, I have dated guys. Lesbians are hard, and that really came into focus a couple years ago when I was divorcing my wife and there were property issues and (worse) custody issues with our son. I tried online dating went on a date and an hour in she said that I lived in a nice town and maybe she should sell her condo and look around. I thought "what the fuck is wrong with you, it's a first date!" took her back to the train asap and never answered a call from her again. That was it for me. Recently I was asked out by a guy I know from work and I went. Dinner and sex, and no discussion of joint checking or adopting a cat. It is just what I want right now. I will never have the emotional connection with a man, but I don't think I am ready for one with a woman.