Jun 27, 2011 evas commented on Bisexuals.
As a 30mumble year old bi-chick, I just sort of figure no one wants to hear about my sex life. Since, you know, I'm LTR'd (not open) and family'd up... and not dating.

If I were dating or sleeping with various people, sure, I'd introduce the least scary of them, but since I'm sleeping with the same person, and have been for years... Does anyone REALLY wanna hear about "But I like men AND women, but, but, but I do, I do, I do!" Ain't got nuthin to prove / I find myself disinclined to inspire others to have to go wash out their brains.

I just don't see what my being Bi has to do with anything pertinent for my friends and family. Mmmmm Yummy observations, and sex ed for my kiddo, not withstanding... who on earth wants to hear about my sexual predilections? (Granted, I'm sure my son would rather avoid ever hearing 'his mom' and 'sex' in the same sentence... but he has to suffer through.)

Does my husband know? Of course. That's first date info. I have no idea (outside of my son, poor kid, who had to blush and heave dramatically rolled eyes skyward through the birds'n'bees'n'stds with me) how many other people do. I also have no idea how many people know I like novels, snowboarding, or perching on inappropriate places.
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