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Jun 28, 2011 Bi_in_SF commented on Bisexuals.
Since some of you are tallying up the bi commenters' relationship status as some sort of scientific data, I feel compelled to note:

- I'm 36, and have identified as bi since my teens.
- I've been in a long term relationship with a lesbian for 10 years. I've never wondered whether I was really a lesbian. I'm bi. I correct people if they assume I'm straight or gay.
- I've dated men, but I still identified as bi/queer.
- Cheers to the people who realize that sexual identity is complicated and not just a single axis of who you're sexually attracted to. (I'm actually more sexually attracted to men, but I'm in love with my partner).
- Please google the Klein Sexual Orientation Grid -- sexual identity is not just about who you have sex with.

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