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Jun 28, 2011 Just_A_Random_Person joined My Stranger Face
Jun 28, 2011 Just_A_Random_Person commented on Bisexuals.
You know Dan, here's a crazy thought... maybe sexuality is a bit more fluid than you thought. Maybe those teenage guys you're talking about who say they're bisexual really are bisexual. And maybe as their hormones change when they get older, some of them will end up straight or gay. That doesn't mean they're wrong now or not bi now... just that sometimes things change. So maybe you should be accepting at face value what someone's telling you unless you have actual reason to doubt them.

And I want to be clear: I've got quite a number of openly bi friends, and of them a VERY significant percentage has been verbally attacked by people telling them to "pick a side." And it's usually been by gay or lesbian folks, which is rather horrific hypocrisy. If I yelled at you for not choosing the societally appropriate sexuality, Dan, what would you say? What would you feel? Why then do so many feel it's appropriate to do the same to the bi folks?

You're not just called biphobic for deciding that bi youth are wrong when they tell you their sexuality because you know that it's just a phase they'll grow out of. You're also called it for telling them to pick a side, as though that were actually a choice. So how about you stop telling vulnerable bi youth they're just going through a phase, and stop telling them that their sexuality is wrong and they should instead pick a side, and maybe you'll find they come out around you a lot more.

After all, maybe you're not really gay Dan. Maybe it's just a phase. In a few years, you'll realize you were bi all along. Clearly you should pick a different sexuality, right?