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Jan 20, 2014 MetalHeadCrab commented on These Guys Deliver Weed to Your Door.
I live on the eastside so I asked the critters if we could meet in SoDo. About 2 hours later the transaction was complete. They were all out of the sativa I wanted but my critter suggested a comparable hybrid which I am currently satisfied with.
Oct 31, 2013 MetalHeadCrab commented on The Ideal Legal Joint: Low in Potency, High in Flavor.
They say blasphemy is a victimless crime. This story contradicts that statement.
Jan 22, 2013 MetalHeadCrab commented on What Are the Five Most Hated Companies in America?.
I voted T-Mobile.

T-Mobile has the shittiest network service and reliability. A friend will call me, on their end they hear the phone dialing/ringing and then it will go to voicemail. On my end the call never even registered, the phone never rang and I got a missed call notification on my phone. Later when I tell my friend I never received the call to begin with, they think I'm lying. The same thing happens to my out-of-state parents who have t-mobile as well as my friends. So its not limited to my phone/number, tower, state, whatever.

T-Mobile fucking sucks!
Jan 22, 2013 MetalHeadCrab commented on What Are the Five Most Hated Companies in America?.
I am really surprised Comcast didn't make the list. Most people I talk to have nothing good to say about Comcast. Personally, I've had no problems with them at all.
Nov 7, 2012 MetalHeadCrab commented on Gay Marriage Campaign Declares Victory (MARRIAGES BEGIN IN A MONTH)!.
This has been such an exciting election. It feels like a birthday celebration. I'm proud of this state and its people. Lets light a blunt and get gay married.
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