Mar 16, 2013 FreeRoy commented on There's Money to Be Made Mocking Gun Nuts.
#26, #28 -
'Scuse me, but pray tell what "NALT" means. Thanks.
Mar 2, 2013 FreeRoy commented on There's Money to Be Made Mocking Gun Nuts.
Seems to me that a business owner has a pretty broad right to adopt whatever policies, and post whatever signs, they want to. As with most rights, there are some limitations on both of those activities, but any such restrictions should be far and few between.
If the policies and/or signs are offensive to too many people, the business loses customers.
As someone who DOES own a gun -- two, actually -- that's no problem for me.
That being said, let me point out that there's money to be made in mocking homosexuals, too. For that matter, there's money to be made in mocking almost any sub-group.
Doesn't mean that it's right, though.
Dec 10, 2012 FreeRoy commented on "How Freakin Dare You?????".
@ #94: That would be "capitals". "Capitols" are government buildings.

Re the original question: GMAFB! If anyone who is familiar with The Stranger fails to see the parodic intent of that cover, then I suggest that establish an intelligence tes for those who wish to sign in.

I'm personally straight, but live in a very blended household: L, B, T, and developing. I thought that it was VERY funny.
Dec 10, 2012 FreeRoy commented on Condom Clash.
@ #2 -- Agreed on all points!
Nov 6, 2012 FreeRoy commented on HOLY SHIT!!! Washington State Legalizes Marijuana!.
What GREAT News!
Thank you, Washington State activists.
Oct 20, 2012 FreeRoy commented on Awesome 80-Year-Old Woman Steals LaRouchies' Signs.
Two points here.
First, Dutchie is absolutely wrong about the nature of The Roach's cult. It started out back in the sixties as one variety of socialist, then for a while they claimed to be Democrats and ran in their primaries. There is no connection, and never has been, to the Libertarian Party. I've known of them since the late sixties, and have been a member of the LP since the early seventies, so I know this as a fact.
Second, the Larouchies -- idiots that they are --have the same rights as anyone else. The Government cannot suppress their otherwise lawful speech, and if some citizen tries illegal ways of opposing them, they can expect to be arrested. Ms Lack's action was understandable, but illegal. Dutchie's reaction is understandable, but again he is wrong. While he has every right to be offended, he has NO "right" to commit assault and battery, no more than the Taliban had a "right" to shoot a schoolgirl because they disagreed with what she said.
Mar 17, 2012 FreeRoy commented on New Column!.
Sorry, guys. This doesn't cut it.
I was hoping for something that might actually be informative, rather than a poorly-spelled and stupidly-overstereotyped goulash.
Please try again with something more intelligent and funnier.
Dec 8, 2011 FreeRoy commented on Jesus Saves.
Those of us who have worked for years to reform the laws have generally met adamant opposition from Black ministers, in spite of the obvious ways that the drug laws discriminate against all people of color.
To hear that the Black clergy are finally seeing the light is wonderfully heartening news! Let's all do our best to spread that revelation across the nation.
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