Jul 21, 2016 GregBem commented on Till Is a Writer's Residency for the People.
A fantastic idea, and the perfect response to so many generative arts and writing activities in Seattle that have high costs. Congrats to Chelsea and Arne for making this work.
Jun 7, 2016 GregBem commented on King Donuts Will Close Its Doors This Winter.
This is a tragedy. Someone should buy this place and not change a thing (including its open hours).

In the meantime, everyone who has and hasn't been to this donut shop should go there ASAP and as often as possible. What a legendary fixture of Rainier Beach, and Seattle in general!
Apr 11, 2016 GregBem commented on Twelve Amazing Costumes From the 2016 Emerald City Comicon.
Nice photos. What are the details on the camera used?
Mar 3, 2016 GregBem commented on Discussing the Future of Open Books, Seattle's Poetry-Only Bookstore.
There's a lot of potential for continuing Open Books as a unique fixture in the city. Whether run by a local press, additional poets, or someone else (a librarian, perhaps?), it will continue to offer a lot. I will miss the care and presence of JC and Christine though!
May 26, 2015 GregBem commented on A Poet Defending Vanessa Place Equates Signers of the Petition Against Her with the Cop Who Killed Mike Brown.
Stopped paying attention to Ron Silliman a decade before I was born, and after his blog recentered the camera on himself. Secondly, it does seem that the ironic addicted to outrage means that posts like this are exactly what Silliman (and Place) are looking for. They're probably drinking martinis and chuckling to themselves this very moment.
May 18, 2015 GregBem commented on The 2015 Stranger Genius Award Nominees Were All Invited to a Secret Rooftop Taco Party Last Week.
White cake at a mostly-white party. Cheers!
Feb 3, 2015 GregBem commented on Here's What You Need to Know, Newcomer.
Another reason to choose T-Mobile: they offer significant discounts if you're an educator.
Nov 13, 2014 GregBem commented on The Song of the Day Comes With a Question: Do People Still Love Marilyn Manson?.
I donno. I think a lot of people who were sucked into the MTV void found his antics a nice relief, and he certainly inspired a certain generation of youth (post-Grunge, post-Rage Against the Machine) into being rebellious and thinking beyond the industry. He was successful at commenting on the industry from within the industry.