Nov 14, 2012 JBB commented on You Can't Just Pass Inspiration from One Generation to the Next.
Fuck you, I want more of the von Lipwig books.
Jul 11, 2012 JBB commented on The Heart of the Capitalist System.
Holy fuck, way to break the page.
Mar 21, 2012 JBB commented on NOM Protesting Inside Starbucks Shareholders Meeting Right Now.
"to be candid, it was not a difficult decision for us." I don't even like coffee, but I feel like I should go to Starbucks now. Is their tea any good?
Nov 21, 2011 JBB commented on Newt Gingrich Bravely Rails Against Child Labor Laws.
While I disagree with Gingrich, I do find myself thinking of Japanese schools where all of the students clean up the classroom after classes are over. I wonder how that system managed to begin there, and why we don't do the same here.
Sep 12, 2011 JBB commented on Obama Kicks GOP Ass in TV Ratings War.
Everyone, do recall that cuts both ways - how many of the 5.4 million viewers of the Republican debate were supporters? The question would be: is there a reason to assume that the supporter/opposer/independent ratios would be significantly different between the two events? (There might be, I'm not really sure.)
Aug 29, 2011 JBB commented on Transgender Child Attacked With a Baseball Bat in Ballard.
Just to add on, another reason that hate crimes legislation exists is to automatically trigger investigation at various levels, to make it harder for a local law enforcement official who sympathizes with the attacker to sweep things under the rug.
Aug 27, 2011 JBB commented on PAX 2011, Day One: Booth Babe Time Machine.
A friend of mine tells me that traditional booth babes are not allowed at PAX unless they have been trained/educated about the game they are promoting, and even then skimpy costumes are only allowed if they're cosplaying as someone who is actually in said game. He saw a batch of scantily clad women promoting an energy drink get tossed out.

... now he had better bring me some damn good swag or we're re-evaluating the "friend" bit.
Jul 20, 2011 JBB commented on For Your Amusement.
@3: I'm a mathematician, and a friend of mine did quite well on her LSATs after completing a philosophy degree (all those courses in logic!) So I suppose it's not that surprising that someone who's doing comp sci would also do well. I used to tease a friend of mine about how comp sci was just the bastard child of math.

Then he started offering to compare W-2 forms. :(
Jul 20, 2011 JBB commented on For Your Amusement.
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